Should I Upload Certain Content To FULL30

So I have been debating whether or not to upload certain pieces of content to FULL30. I already upload the Firearm Friday podcast and the produced stuff. I don’t think it would be a good idea to post the replay from the Thursday After Hours chat. While the panel is full of firearm content creators, we discuss creator stuff, which is very nerdy. However, the Monday Podcast replay from Instagram might be worth it. This hour long podcast is just me and the audience talking about events of the past week, doing contests for prizes and looking at cool guns, gear, knives, etc.

I would definitely like some input here. If folks aren’t interested in watching or listening from here then it obviously isn’t worth my time to try and rush the upload to another platform. It might be just as easy for anyone interested to tune in to Instagram every Monday at 8pm EST. Heck, being there live could win you some neat prizes even.

Oh, worth mentioning, because it is an Instagram replay it is in that STUPID vertical format. This is another reason I have been very hesitant on uploading to FULL30.

So what do you guys think? Gimme some feedback.


No guts no glory , give it a go :+1:


if we are to promote F30 as a viewing platform than we need to stand by that, One thing that has pissed me off about some of the original “creators” that formed F30 is that they have abandoned F30 and still using yucktube. Yucktube even provides a paid subscription service for these demonetized creators (go figure, maybe yucktube noticed a revenue drop with the loss of viewers). In the end it is all about the money.


i seem to get more views here than on YouTube with most stuff… at least short term. Now, long term is a different story, mainly because of the complex system of algorithms, suggestions, search, etc that YouTube uses. in comparison F30 is nothing but of course that crap costs tons and tons of money so i get it. for me it is a happy medium. i am just sitting over here wondering, does more views here mean that those off shoot videos and show could do as well or are F30 viewers used to a certain type of produced content and anything less would turn them off… i don’t want to risk killing the reach i already get here.


btw can’t promote you here if you ain’t here…
just saying


Yes. You should. It’s -your- Full30 channel. It’s -your- soapbox to stand on. As long as you aren’t violating the TOS, fire away brother.