Should social media check be required to get a gun license?



Only if you do not plan to be sociable with a firearm.


Hate is a four letter word, like love.


So people like me who don’t do social media, what does that mean? I can picture it now , I’d be labeled as a xenophobic blah blah blah by the left.


has anyone here considered that social media is just the starting point?

my guess is that the government will be searching thru all places where a person could comment (and yes, I expect that includes here in Full30).


If Disney knows about M*CARBO then yep, I’m sure we’re hit.


This is a slippery slope. Reminds me a bit about an episode from black mirror where every aspect of your life was determined by your social standing online.


the New McCarthyism is the practice in the United States of making accusations of the willingness for gun ownership.
“Are you now or were you ever a owner of a Gun”


I don’t do social media…guess they’ll have to check my credit report.
Maybe I can do a psych profile, polygraph and background check, fingerprinting, DNA test and provide them with a stool sample…


Can I take a shit on their mother fuckin’ face?


Fantastic episode. (And show)


Only if they are going to do the same for driver’s licenses and breeding licenses.

If you shouldn’t have a gun you shouldn’t have a car or a kid, either.




Some of the episodes are better than others. I really liked the VR space game one, and the matrix one where people went out to the bars during their favorite decade.


I believe that question is, or at least should be, impossible to answer. There should not be a license to own a gun.

However, the proposed law does include reviewing internet search history from the prior 3 years.
Here is a previous thread on this.





Pardon my ignorance, but what is M*CARBO ?


Mister_Torgue, Stumpkiller:

I mostly agree, just trying to mentally think of all the possibilities. All of the first few - I agree. But, will keep thinking about it.

Interesting observation, though!


I hope Chris can manage an answer, he’s pretty busy @M-CARBO

But, here’s a few words from him previously

Their FULL30 channel

And I believe they are an industry partner with FULL30 and have requested more info on who our partners are with plans to share once I know, I’d like to see us all grow,

I encourage you John, and everyone to go check out their forum,
Its the same software as here, and similarly structured with more emphasis on firearms only, no politics or drama allowed, it is policed by their moderation team.

I know a few people here that would likely enjoy the style there.


so I will guess Obama will never be able to own a handgun after what he said about Benghazi calling those who fought for their lives conspiracy theorists…