Shout out from behind enemy lines


As I peek from behind the iron curtain that protects America from the turpitude of California. I look foreword to seeing what adventures our crowd can muster together.

In my downtime I help run a small forum based around the larger AR platforms. You can check us out HERE. If you’re an enthusiast, a builder, a dreamer or just buy-curious (that’s when you can’t decide which one you want, so you buy both) you should join us.

I also own an 07-FFL that should be getting a larger public announcement VERY soon. I’m very excited to say I have a special new long action AR type rifle and it’s an absolute winner.

I’m excited to be here. Thanks Full30 for being supportive of our addiction.


Welcome to full30!


Welcome to full30…I love you


Welcome to Full30…:fist_right::fist_left:


Welcome to the forum![quote=“Robocop1051, post:1, topic:6790”]
I’m very excited to say I have a special new long action AR type rifle and it’s an absolute winner.
Pictures man pictures!


Welcome, in beyond enemy lines in the other side of the country in MD!



Please, add both your forum and podcast in our directory and put a post about your FFL here

Thanks for joining we’ll see if we can help you grow!



Welcome, It’s good to know that there are pockets of hope in CA.


Welcome to full30!


Welcome @Robocop1051
Great to see you here!


Welcome to Full30 @Robocop1051 Good to have you here. I do have a love for the AR platform, I’ve built from a .22lr up to a .50bmg and love them all.

Be sure to check out the list of content creators and give them a subscribe.



Now that l like!


Left side charge!!!


Ohh, I like side charging. Doing a build like that is on my list. as is a Lapua


Is that a design you have built or want to build?


Welcome @Robocop1051. Glad to have you here! I have visited that forum from time to time.


Welcome @Robocop1051, we are also behind enemy lines. Nice having someone here with an FFL that know the rules in this state. Which part of CA are you in? I’m in OC.


Thanks for the warm welcome. I’m actually up in Norcal. In the Sacramento area. My regular 9-to-5 is in law-enforcement, for the last 15 years. I started my 07-FFL last year, and went to full production this fall. I primarily deal in SOF contracts overseas. I started in extreme long range combat rifles, But it looks like I should have a new ballistic armor (level IIIa to IV), a handgun selection, some new rifle accessories, and hopefully my own line of target ammunition.


I apologize for being short and choppy with my response. I’m connecting via my cell phone right now, without the luxury of a full keyboard.