Show off your carrier...


My rig…



Any chance you guys could tell us what we are looking at?(brand, model, etc)


Eagle Industries 2008 model


Well, I don’t have a rig. Maybe I should sew one. But I do have a question @Sarge4206th How do you pull your mags out without the pistol being in the way? Is it in the way? Are people supposed to carry thier firearm on their chest?


I’m not sure but I don’t think those are everyday carry rigs. They look like competition rigs. Or maybe SHTF.

I, for one don’t carry on my chest. Either hip or appendix depending how much concealment I need.


@EQuinn This setup works very well for all day wear. Fully kitted with the armor onboard its around 15 lbs. Now that I am out of the military of course I can carry my weapon anywhere I choose so the chest rig is personal preference. As for the magazines they are very easy to get too as you can see below. Gravity makes them accessible as the magazine rig is not stiff.
This particular setup does not low crawl well btw. But its fine in the prone. The pistol moves when dismounted to a leg based carrier.


Oh, ok thanks. From that vantage point I can see how it works. Thanks


:joy::laughing: @EQuinn I’m pretty sure if you’re wearing an armored camo vest with a large knife, half a dozen rifle and pistol mags wrapped around you and a handgun on your chest, the art of concealment is probably not your priority.

I can see how your pistol up high like that would be easy to get to and seems like an ideal place. If i ever felt like i needed a rig to hold ammo, SHTF or something, and was going into a firefight, I’d have magazines strapped all down my legs, a few on my arms, one strapped to the top of each boot. I would look like a robot by the time I got done.


The title made me expect a bolt carrier, I expected an LWRC since they are worthy of showing off :grin:


:joy::rofl:I’m thinking magazine lined trench coat.


And while I dont run the rig like this, some people some people like to:



Or you could hire a young, strong “pool boy” to carry the extra gear for you…


Sounds like a sewing project to me.


I like this thing @jf89 posted. I might have to make one for myself.


Would make a cool project , they only run around $50 if you wanted to buy one.

Heres a more in depth review from Newsrep:


Oh, I’ll try to make one first. I have lots of straps and buckles already. Just need to find that elastic or something that would work as well. Thanks for sharing


If you do decide to make one please take some pictures and share with us.


Hmmm, could this be the birth of @RedAngel battle wear?..


Those of you military/LEO who’ve worn these rigs maybe could shine a little info for those looking to set one of their own up. What all do you have on it? Why do you have it on there? why do you have it configured the way you do? what to look for, what to stay away from, etc.