Show off your EDC!

What is your EDC? Here is my EDC and yes every day this is what I have had for years.

Glock 17, lighter, streamlight protac2L, Benchmade contigo, and a IFAK.


Don’t have my LTC yet, but when I do it’ll be either a .357/.38 sp snubnose wheelgun or my Star BM. I do really like the PPQ in .45 ACP but I just don’t know. All depends on my comfort level. My preference would be the wheelgun for simplicity.

So for right now I carry this. It’s 1045 surgical steel and spring assisted.


I carry this every day.


Today’s pile


Well we are all like minded. Shame we all live far away from one another.


Glock 19 Gen 4 in a kramer horsehide IWB. This was my first and have yet to have any failures…and I shoot A LOT. Have carried for years. I do have a crossbreed spair mag pouch as well, but when I got married I also got a bit…um…fat. :slight_smile: Still working on getting back in shape to carry more gear comfortably. In winter I do carry the 32 mag in my pocket. You never know.


^ That = me. Gained 100lbs the first 5 years of the marriage. Both of us stopped working out and eating healthy and went out to eat 5 nights a week. That’ll do it pretty fast. Though I am healthier now being fat than I ever was in shape and skinny. My blood test #s every year astound my doctor who is amazed that I’m healthier than anyone else around my age or younger she sees.

Still sucks being fat. :wink:


Dude I hear you!!! Haha. Its really hard to find the time. Definilty easier to gain then it is to loose!


M&P 9 Shield w/MagGuts (9+1) and a Benchmade 940-2

Add a Hugsby XP-1 LED light, keys, wallet, spare 10 round (MagGuts) magazine and a SAK Camper . . . and a hanky.

Same gear at work, church, home, out fishing, walking the dog, shopping.

Discrete, concealed and effective.


Don’t discount the hanky. They come in mighty handy.


Pressure dressing, gag, signalling device, emergency food carrier, tourniquet, head cover . . .

And to wipe the blood off my glasses.

Matching tie optional.


The edc I prefer is:


Note: This is not my personal gun.

My 2nd choice for edc typically is:

(Again, this is not my personal gun.)


What’s the appeal of wheel guns for EDC? Why not an auto? do you guys carry spare rounds for revolvers?


I cannot speak for others but I would not mind carrying a wheelgun for a couple reasons. One is simplicity which leads to greater reliability. Auto loaders are fantastic things but are not completely infallible. The likelihood of a wheelgun malfunctioning is considerably less than an auto loader. Having said that my Star BM surplus pistol from 1979 has just under 1,000 rounds by just me since I got it and I have had 0 malfunctions…famous last words!

The advantages of an auto loader are clear: round count. But if I cannot stop a threat with 5 or 6 rounds then it’s my fault. I’m not going to carry around a moon clip either. Haha, that would look…awkward in my pants/shorts.


Speed strips, nothing is flatter than speed strips!



Why not carry either or both (when you can)? In other words, should not have to just choose one style.

When I have to travel light, I prefer the LCR. When I have heavier clothing on, I may carry both the LCR and the PPS M2. For improving the round count, I carry a few extra rounds somewhere on me. Then, I also try to stay away from any areas that look risky.

A couple of the reasons I prefer to carry the LCR over the PPS M2: the LCR is a few ounces lighter; and the LCR is not as big as the PPS M2.


What if there are two threats? Or three? More rounds is ALWAYS better, no-one has ever finished a gunfight wishing they had less ammo.

As far as reliability, most modern big name auto loaders are plenty reliable. Worst case scenario, tap rack bang and you’re out 1 of the 15 rounds you still have in a magazine. If the mag is bad, you should have a spare.

I get it, I’m not going to judge someone for what gun they carry, I just don’t ever see a reason to carry a revolver over a modern autoloader. Personal preference, I suppose.



I totally agree with you about having plenty of ammo ready to use to defend yourself, even when you carry.

My problem is that I am not very good at concealing all that lovely ammo along with the gun(s).

I have fired some 9 mm’s in the 16 to 20 ounce weight range. Had to use a death grip to shoot them even semi accurately. The PPS M2 is roughly 21.5 ounces and is just accurate enough for me to trust it in a gunfight.

The LCR at 17+ ounces is too light for me to even consider using +p ammo (.38 +p), so I just use plain old .38 special (standard pressure). Sure, the gun is rated for .357 mag, but I tried that one time (on the range) and realized I never needed to try it again. Still, 5 shots of.38 special (non +p), is significant enough to stop the threat from one or two people. So, yes, if I am ever attacked by more than 2, I better have a very good backup to it (and I usually do).

On the other hand, I also have some .380’s that I sometimes carry and are under 20 ounces. I can get 7+1 capacity with them, and control the gun well enough, so they are sometimes my edc, sometimes my backup edc. I guess I oversimplified my comments before. Sorry about that.


No problem! It makes sense, I have a pocket .38sp snub nose that I’ve shot before at the range, and I can agree, the hotter loads are difficult to control. To be fair, I’ve never considered the weight of the the gun I carry to be an issue. I stay mindful of concealment, but at 6’4" and 220lbs, actual weight has never been an issue for me. I typically carry a subcompact in .40, but I’ve recently moved to a full-size in .40, as the footprint of the holsters I use is the same. I think as far as carrying, a good holster is just as important as the gun. Que dancing FBI agent reference.



Glad you can carry what you want. I used to carry a Kahr MK40, but for a semiauto, it was just a little too much recoil. Despite the recoil, I was able to put 10 rounds into a group smaller than a business card, at 7 yards. That is about as accurate as I shoot any gun (all steel Kahr’s are really accurate).

So, maybe I will try the Kahr MK9 (same size, just less recoil), but I will have to get over the cost (again), as they are quite pricey ($700+). Still, I should be able to carry that (of course, it is only 6+1 capacity). And, it is physically smaller than the PPS M2 (and possibly more accurate than the Walther).

So, for me, it is a combination of size and weight, plus a consideration of what I am wearing and how long I will be carrying the gun(s). I never carried the MK40 all day - just for short walks, and that worked out fine. The LCR I could carry all day.

So many variables, hard to say there is just one gun for carry (as for me, it is several to choose from depending on the variables mentioned).