Show off your EDC!


My EDC is my M&P Shield in .40 S&W. The leather holster was made locally by a small shop. It conceals on me better than most, it’s comfortable, and most importantly I feel comfortable with it.



How’s the recoil? Seems like it would be heavy, especially for a semiauto.


It’s snappy for sure but for some reason I’m accurate with it. The Glock 27 is more comfortable to shoot.



Yes, that is what is most important - how well you can shoot it.

I can shoot a Shield in 9 mm, a G26, and a G23, all pretty well, but I doubt I could shoot the Shield in .40 S&W or the G27, well at all.


What’s really funny is my wife can’t shoot either semis, but she can shoot a LCR with +P ammo only. With that she could hit a running rabbit. Normal .38’s though, she can’t hit anything. It’s the damndest thing. I always say carry what you’re comfortable with. Your life may depend on it one day.


My everyday carry is my gen 2 Glock 17. It’s ridden many miles in a Blackhawk Serpa holster. It’s open carried on the farm and concealed when I go to town. Me and this old gun have some history.


I love the gen2. Glocks best.

  1. Are you out in public?
  2. Are you out hunting / hiking / etc?
  3. Are you at home / on own property?

I think there isn’t one firearm for every situation. I know you know this but I wanted to post it to make a point in the topic. All but #1 would likely mean you could carry any handgun you wanted…even something chambered in .50 AE so two or three threats with proper skill either auto loader or wheelgun would work (personally I would carry both). #1 is where I think most of the debate is. And with everyone being so different in how they are built, clothing they wear and tactical ability the waters get super muddy I think. Add more than one threat and that turns everything in to a dynamic variable. I feel like I’m rambling today… hah


There is also the question: can you afford to be seen wearing the pistol?

In NY I HAVE to carry concealed. If I offend someone - say at work or in a restaurant - because they see the outline of a pistol under my shirt it can escalate to assault if I do not leave the premises at their request.

So I carry a pistol I can hide in a tucked-in dress shirt and dress pants/slacks. That means fairly small.

NY also has a 10 shot restriction. (Thanks to Emperor Cuomo).

The S&W M&P 9 Shield with MagGuts upgrade gets me there. The largest pistol I can hide multiple ways (at the time the Walther PPS had many fewer holster & upgrade options) with 10 rounds carry & 10 in a spare.


Stumpkiller, et al:

In Florida, it is my understanding that if your (concealed carry) weapon is detected in public, you can be charged with a crime. Florida government tried to fix that (unintentional display of weapon changed to not being a crime), but the bill did not make it into law. So, for concealed carry in Florida, we have to be extra careful not to carry such that the firearm could be detected (even with CCW permit). And, given that most of the year, there is no need for a jacket, only smaller firearms make sense for carry (for most people). At least in NY, you will have the winter with heavy jackets being common. That is a great time to carry the bigger guns.


It’s sad when there’s a mistake like that in the law and law makers take their sweet time fixing it. In Wisconsin they made an error as well. If any drives on to school property to pick up their kids without pulling over and disarming, they are committing a felony. You must disarm, put firearm in a lock box with ammo separate from the firearm. Here too, they’re not very concerned about fixing their cock up.


Have you thought about a (Bulgarian) Makarov? Gets you around the round limit bullshit and it’s pretty small. Not light but it is small. I may carry mine on occasion when I get my LTC.


I could’ve sworn I posted my EDC somewhere… Oh well, danged if I can find it now… Deja Thread, Right?
Anyhow, I’ve switched from an heirloom Colt .38 Police + in January of last year because it was getting too much holster wear for a classic firearm.
My current EDC is this Glock 43 with Xtrue Precision Stainless barrel, Talon grips, LaserMax guide rod laser and Trijicon night sights. I was carrying in the pictured “Brave Response” waistband holster, but find too sweaty in the Summer, so I’ve been mostly using that Uncle Mikes pocket holster since the >90 degree temps hit.


I keep 1 of these in my edc bag& 1 in the hunting pack. Scorpion II emergency radio/flashlight/bottle opener/ phone charge. Charges via solar, usb or by crank. You can put enough charge on a cell to make an emergency call. Handy if you’re out of batteries.


So no EDC for me for the next few hours. Going to my grandson’s high school graduation. From the same high school I graduated from 45 years (almost half a century) ago. At the school, so no gun or knife. I feel so naked.


I hate going from carrying to non-permissive places. The amount of times I have to pat myself down and remind myself where I am is staggering.


So the irony in all this is that at the graduation the students were all frisked before they could put on their robes or caps. This in the name of making sure they were safe. The guests however were not at all looked at or bags checked. So law abiding folks like me disarm, but god knows what other folks had. Without going into a lot of detail, I’ll just say the demographics of the area have changed in the last 45 years. And a good number of the guests reflected why I carry in the first place.


Just the gun minus the light now days


No knife?

Hell no. I will always have some kind of blade on me unless it’s the airport.


A knife is part of my EDC but took that off as well as I expected to get wanded. Won’t don’t be doing that again. Felt naked the whole time.