Show off your EDC!


Hmmm, polymer shanks you say? Do I smell another steel vs polymer debate coming?

I kid I kid…


No! Do it please. I almost just did!


@Everyone, what about the all titanium knife option?



Nice idea ! I like it !

Anybody have any suggestions as to which brand of titanium knives to buy?

Now, where’s my wallet? Need to get ready to buy some Titanium Knives !


Microtech 105-7 Jagdkommando Fixed 7" Tri-Edge Dagger, Bead Blast Finish, Black Aluminum Sheath.


@JohnB, don’t forget about the all ceramic as well I don’t recommend ceramic knives I’ve broken or chipped out every single one I’ve had but they won’t set off a metal detector that’s for sure.


I wouldn’t recommend going to the airport with a poly knife. It would not behoove you.


I remember going thru TSA in Chicago behind a guy that had a pocket knife (pre 9/11). He simply took it out of his pocket, put it into the tray, went thru the scanner, and picked it back up afterwards. No one said a word. Boy, have times changed! But, even then, I was in shock that they let him take the pocket knife with him into the secure area (and presumably, onto the plane).

Yeah, I would be scared to take any kind of knife to/thru the airport. However, some pen makers make some very sturdy pens (another hobby of mine). I have had a lot of security people closely look at some of my pens, but they accepted my having and carrying them. Just a thought for those of us who always want something (some tool), to help defend ourselves.



So, you are ok as long as you don’t put it into your carry on luggage (the x-ray should be able to see it), and you don’t get one of those full body scans (hands in the air, etc). Right?


@jf89, I’m pretty sure Cold Steel makes something like you’re talking about not sure if they still make them ?


@JohnB like switchpod recommends! I’ll second, don’t screw around with TSA with blades at the airport it ain’t worth it.



Trust me, I don’t screw around with TSA. I only carry my pens. And yes, they are real pens, not knives made to look like pens.



I dunno. Good luck either way!

And, one thing I have learned from flying a lot, you can’t count on the security people to allow the same things everywhere you go. And some TSA people are just not nice (think San Francisco, for example).


@jf89, I agree with what John just advised if they in their view determine your carrying a weapon they’re going to arrest you on the spot! don’t screw with TSA it’s not worth it I know firsthand.


Where did you get the IFAK? Did it fall off a truck or did you order it?


lmbo this thing is the dumbest


lmbo this thing is the dumbest

What do you recommend?



My EDC in it’s natural habitat, not laid out on a table.


@Tactical_Reviews, very nice, did you make that yourself, you’re walking device I’m referring to.