Show off your EDC!


Custom by BUL, 19 rds mag, 9x19


How about we step back and remember we’re all friends here.


I do have a knife but it’s more utility then defence, no flashlight, no other crap but a small single person bleeder blowout kit for myself because fuck the person I had to blow a hole in.


Serge, that barrel looks badass. Details?


BUL (Israel) 1911 top, polymer grip (similar 2011)… model SAS II Tactical Carry Commander (custom fit) trigger 3.5 ph


thanks… it was a special order directly from Israel. the only problem was to find a holster… also done by a special order


Dude, I love that barrel. Can that sort of thing be done on more than that one pistol?


probably… however, it was done to cut the weight down for EDC. their bull barrels are also very nice


So someone else could theoretically do that to any barrel? :thinking:


theoretically… yes. practically - not so easy…


This is my favorite subject so I’ll show my EDC.
This plus the iPhone 8 I used to take the pic with.
Note the custom “money clip”
Mine broke so I had to improvise


That’s awesome I use the exact same money clip!
On a further note I love the grizzly can as a part of the EDC.


Everyone laughs when they see the money clip but hey, it works.
The Grizzly can won’t be a part of my edc much longer. I figure after 20 years, it’s time to quit.


Quitting chew is easy! I’ve quit at least 6 different times!


Me too. And I put on 20 pounds each time!
It comes off a lot slower than it goes on!


Basic blowout kit (compact pressure dressing, Rapid Application Tourniquet System, QuikClot combat gauze, nitrile gloves, Celox with syringe)

SERE kit (diamond wire blade, folding razor/hack saw, EZ Decoder combination lock bypass device, Quick Stick padlock bypass device, padlock shims, emergency lock pick set, shove knife, Fox 40 micro whistle, Star Flash signal mirror)

Klarus XT11 (2,000 lumens) tactical light with belt holster.

Leatherman Super Tool 300, black oxide (with extra wire cutting blades and hex key). Also in pouch: ferrocerium rod, tweezers, and Burketek Pocket Wrench II (also serves as pry bar), 3” course/fine diamond stone, section hacksaw blade, carbide saw blade, handcuff key, carbide scribe/glass breaker w stainless handle.

ThruNite Ti3 AAA tactical light (120 lumen; w extra battery) and Leatherman Squirt PS4 multitool in leather pocket case.

Zippo lighter (with Thunderbird butane insert) in leather belt pouch.

Knife, left pocket: Cold Steel Black Talon II, fully serrated. Knife, right pocket: knife of the day.

Knife, fixed blade, appendix carry: Winkler Utility Knife IWB or Bawidimann skeletonized karambit (CPM Cru-wear)

Double gun shoulder rig: Galco MCII Shoulder Holster Harness component, Tan; Galco J1H Jackass Shoulder Holster component J228H Right hand, Havana.

Glock 30 for right hand/left side carry. Modifications: steel rear sight, tritium front sight, undercut and grip stippling, extended slide release, Pierce grip extension, 12 lb. NY trigger spring, extended 2 port barrel [4.64” 2 port, vs. 3.78” OEM], 23 lb. guide rod and spring, extra power mag spring. Ammunition: Underwood 185 gr. XTP jacketed hollow point .45 Super.

Glock 30S for left hand/right side carry. Same mods and ammo.

Ruger LCR .357 Magnum w Hornady Critical Defense 125gr. FTX in Galco Ankle Glove.


Ok prepper 10, I think you and I could get along!


Did you do the stippling on the Glock?


Yes. Not fancy, but definitely functional. I used an O T Defense stippling kit, because they have some really nice tips/nibs for their tool. More expensive than a plain old soldering iron, but I knew I was going to be stippling a good number of guns/knives, so it was worth it.


Yes because it works like a charm when protesters are blocking you on the freeway. Just crack the window and remember where the wind is coming from!