Show off your EDC!


Exactly how do you carry all that? I have a hard enough time with just the gun. I hear many of you with multiple guns, knives, flashlight, extra magazines, and now pepper spray too. My God! How can you even walk?

But, seriously what kind of rig do you have that lets you carry all that? And can you conceal it?


Ha ha! Good point. I just have that in the truck. And yes I have had to use it.
My IFAK kit sits on my lunch bag. Remember if space is limited a roll of electric tape can go a long way.


One word: Hoveround. :wink:


@EQuinn, For me cargo shorts in the summertime cargo blue jeans in the winter time allow me to carry a lot of gear.


Hey, you only need one lung and one kidney. Plus, I wear baggy BDU jackets with large pockets. I also wear a rigger’s belt and tactical pants with lots of pockets. Call me “Lumpy.” :flushed:


Very discrete! Lol


@Prepper10, nice I see you saved room for a bottle of beer.


I do carry revolvers often. The appeal for me is it’s usually a .357 magnum and other than 10mm with full power loads it’s hard to match the caliber even if it’s less in capacity. Up close and personal five or seven round of .357 in Underwood xtreme defender or xtreme penatrator should be enough. Here is what I carried for EDC the last couple of days off.



Very nice detonics!


Thank you


Detonics Awesome EDC, I’m digging your OTF is that a ULTRATECH I see?




I recognize that is a Microtech I was asking if the model is the ultratech.


My bad, yes that one is the Ultratech




Some times I carry these also


From the beginning to the end, I am amazed and have learned much. I do not want to piss any of you off. Further it was also an experience to follow smooth and bumpy verbal exchanges, also noted that was mentioned by many. I am proud to share space with any of you. :wink:


We are all glad to have you here @Merlin7!



Full30 certainly has had some bumps in the road getting to where it is now, but it seems pretty nice nowadays. Why not stick around? I am not aware of anyone pissed off by you. Actually, you are quite welcome here.