Show off your EDC!


Some of my EDC fixed blades and just say I’m kinda into Esee’s…




Oooooh, watcha got there sir??


CRKT KISS money clip. Diamondback DB9. Kimber ultra carry ss with night sights and crimson trace laser grip. SOG sogzilla. Cheep led flashlight. Leatherman micra


Nice setup!


I have that same flashlight and multi tool. I bought the flashlight off Amazon lol.


Yep Amazon 5 for like $13.00


I also have a SOG Pentagon Elite on me… now while I do switch out my bigger blade… i almost always have some sort of larger blade with me. (More than 6 inches)


Additionally I keep a get home bag in the trunk with my car gun.


As do I. It’s just a good idea.


Me 2


Vehicle Supplies:

Tire sealant in a can, Tire plug and seal kit, air compressor, foot pump, tire pressure gauge
4,000+ lb cable hoist/puller (hand winch), tow straps, 10,500 lb 3/4 inch bow shackles (2)
Hi-Lift X-treme jack
Wheel chocks
Jumper cables
Tow Truck traction aids, traction material (cat litter, etc.)
Tyvek coverall, safety vest
Hose clamps, spare fuses
Flashlight (wind up), spotlight, lighter plug in, chem lights/glow sticks
Water/canteen w mess kit, emergency food bar, small water filter
Nitrile gloves, N95 masks
Work gloves, eye/safety goggles
Socks/boots/ice cleats, hats, underwear, shemagh scarf coat, gloves (seasonal)
Wool blankets, emergency/space blanket, blizzard survival bag
Emergency alcohol burner with can opener and lighter
Surplus tarp, poncho, umbrella, HD trash bag
Surplus patrol sleeping bag and foam sleeping mat
Sleeping bag, bag liner, sleeping pad, Mosquito netting,
Tent, Army sleep carrier bag
Bivvy shelter w rain fly
Compass, signal mirror, whistle
Multitool, knife, machete, hatchet, camper’s axe
24” pry bar, 24” bolt cutters, 26” shovel, basic tool kit
Snow shovel, snow brush/ice scraper, windshield de-icer
Duct tape, rope, paracord, cargo straps, cable ties, wire
First aid kit, baby wipes/paper towels, toilet paper
Fire kit and large Duraflame log
Maps, city and local phone books
Paper and pen/pencil
Fire extinguisher
Insurance cards
Cell phone charger, lighter plug in, contact numbers
Signal flares/fire starters
Hard-sided trunk organizer
Gas container, oil, antifreeze, washer fluid, siphon/pump
Small animal traps
Gas mask with filters
Handgun security box for EDC
Shotgun/handgun/carbine with ammo in steel lock box


I would add more shackles and 2 snatch blocks to your list


yes I am well aware of the crap I will take, I no longer care as this works for me. I know all the response of little mouse gun and questions of my sexual orientation . So with that in mind I will still post my EDC.
Its a Glock 42 with tritium night sites, clip draw so no holster. 2 plus 2 mag extensions so I am 8 plus one, and one of two CRKT kniVes. Depending on the mood I am in


Looks like a good setup. I personally have no intention of making fun of your choice in carry tools. If those tools work for you than that’s awesome. I’m just happy that you are exercising your rights Brother!


Sorry to derail but how do you guys carry your mags for conceal carry? I usually carry a spare loose in my pocket but im curious what other options are out there? Ive tried a standard kydex mag holster but it was a little too bulky.


Try neo mag.

I believe if you type TGC10 for 10% off your order.


here is my EDC
works well for everyday

however does put the brakes on when trying to pick up liberal chick when they ask to see my guitar.


@jf89 this is what I use. I have two. The second is for some reason I decide to carry my 9mm