Show us you most obscure cartride.

I picked up this 11.3x53Rrm Dutch Beamount today. What y’all got.


I had a T/C Contender barrel in .22 Rem Jet. .357 Rem Mag necked down to .22 [Hornet].

Biggest PIA I ever tried to reload for.


I don’t know how many barrels SSK made for this cartridge, the .375/06 JDJ. But soon after I bought my barrel the Steyr .376 (?) was released with performance similar to the JDJ wildcat. I would imagine there aren’t very many of them found in the wild.

It’s a .30/06 with the shoulder blown out and necked up. Pictured here it has a 300gr solid in place. Since it’s for an Encore I don’t worry about using the crimping groove. It’ll push that bullet at about 2300fps and it’s designed to go in one side of a 4’ elephant skull, through the brain and out the other side. Oh, I forgot it’s for a handcannon.

Sorry, I couldn’t get a sharply focused picture.