Show Your Non AR Pistol Cartridge Carbines and Rifles


My new Ruger PC Carbine with 3 -33rd (31) Glock factory magazines. 200 + rds of Blazer Brass 9mm 115gr/124gr FMJ. Bushnell Red Dot at 50 yards. Still working on zeroing in red dot.


Does this count?


Or this?


I’ve been kind of interested in maybe getting one of those Rugers.
How about a review on it?


Is that an mpx?


Top one is, I have another one too that is converted to an SBR. great little setup. They run suppressed really well.


This just came into my possession. Needless to say Im happy


Way cool!!



A very much over looked platform. Easy to use for just about anyone. It was my son’s first “high capacity” rifle. He still has it and many a person has shot it. Beretta now has the universal fit 30 round mags too, making it that much better!