SHTF 1st person civilian survival stories from the Balkans

Probably some here are familiar with this author, Selco Begovic (sp?) but I had to mention him anyway.

He survived the war as a civilian in the crossfire and survives to this day. He also states that what folks are prepping for might be completely different from the reality of the situation when it occurs. Personally I don’t think the full ramifications of the plandemic are over and the worst might be yet to come, that’s why I didn’t write “if it occurs”. But my crystal ball is also quite cloudy and I’ve been wrong before.

I’ll post an Amazon link to his books only to give more information about them, but he’s also on the 'net. You’ll need to do a 'net search to find him there. FWIW, I don’t work for Amazon, get no $ from them, and I’m not Jeff Bezos (sp?).


I remember reading a story of his survival during the civil war they had quite a few years ago. It was eye-opening for sure. An internet search turned up this website where he blogs about SHTF and what is going on in Bosnia right now (martial law).


A good Q&A with Selco here, great advice!


That’s a good read thank you :+1:


look for the movie, Shot through the Heart…made about the conflict, good movie.


I’ll check it out :+1:


That’s all but guaranteed.

Thanks for the link @ArmedEyeDoc. He pretty much describes being “the gray man” and not drawing too much attention to yourself or your residence / safe house / bunker and stockpile. I feel this is an extremely important point -perhaps the most important- that is lost on most prepper types I’ve ever met or talked with. Most preppers are all too eager to brag on their stockpile and share every intimate detail of their plan. It’s as if they’re trying to ensure they see some “action” when SHTF, which will ultimately be their own demise. I suppose they’re simply unfamiliar with the old adage, “Loose lips sink ships.” :no_mouth:

I concur.


Yep, I keep notes…


Not all chapters will be presented, just selected chapters in an effort to promote discussion.

Understand, I advocate nothing, but if one intends to remain alive under SHTF conditions we need to play the “what if?” game.

Selcos extremely condensed lesson for today…

Our generation and many of the folks who live where I do (and you do), know how to do things to gather food. We hunt, fish, and know how to grow food. But the upcoming generation knows cell phones, the latest “sex yet to be determined” heart throb, and is challenged to assemble a sandwich of meat between bread. When their fragile world that makes all of the things they consume but they can’t supply for themselves, comes crashing down where will they go to get what they need? Understand, they’ve been sponges their entire lives, taking everything from others, contributing nothing, and knowing little of how the world works. Their known source for more won’t change and will continue to be others.

End of that chapter.

I assume Selco means city folks. Today with the WuFlu they have learned to drink, cook what they can find an dhas been provided by others, and make videos, so they’ve expanded their horizons in useless directions. Folks by me haven’t been impacted by WuFlu in the slightest. We know now what we knew before the disease and still largely provide for ourselves, or at least can.

I know it comes as no surprise to the folks here that folks who don’t know squat will see us as their cornucopia, but have you asked yourself if you have enough ammo?? And what will you do to prevent maggots, flies, and disease at your BOL? (bug out location)

Could you do what might need to be done?

Years ago I read an account of a person who had their own fishing pond (Texas?) and he had some sort of an arrangement in it on which he’d put road kill. The floor was extremely open. The maggots would fall into the pond and feed the panfish which he and his family would then consume.

Or I suppose would one could dig countless holes, but then who will fetch the water, the food, yada, yada, that will define existence in the post SHTF world?


I think one of the biggest vacuums that will need filled is leadership. If we see a collapse people with skills will be in short supply, the sheeple will be looking for herdsmen that can lead them to green pastures. It may be dog eat dog at the onset but make it past that and skills will rule. Start being a leader in your community today, a prep that many overlook.


Thanks for the heads up on these books. I’ll have to read them


You’d first need to trust the people in the group. Most outsiders won’t be worthy of that trust. He does mention folks in a neighborhood patrol, and they’d be more trustworthy due to the neighborhood being “their turf”. For leaders I would think ex-military would rise to the occasion and show themselves early on. I think combat engineer knowledge would be quite valuable from a security standpoint.

Yes, skills would be extremely valuable, I know that’s discussed in the book I’m reading, but I haven’t gotten there yet. Things can be taken away, but skills can’t be. Skills make one valuable.


Sort of true, he was in the military and fought in the first part of the war(according to him) but he never mentions which side. He not only had training but had seen the conflict early on as a soldier.

Ferfal is another good source of information on survivingg shtf as a civilian, he survived the economic collapse in Argentina and lived in a real shtf for close to 5 years.


This was a good read too