Sig MCX Virtus/Canebrake handguard questions


Hi guys. I’ve got a MCX Virtus that I love, but can’t fit my suppressor under the handguard. I knew this going into it and was planning on buying the handguard from Sig that is larger in diameter. But, now that the Canebrake is out, I like to look of that handguard better. anyone know if they are planning to sell the Canebrake handguard separately? I’ve been searching lots of forums, but haven’t seen anything pertaining to this…


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I have been holding my breath for the MPX 40 cal conversion :expressionless::roll_eyes::grin::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


and yes I do not have anything constructive to add to the conversation


Still better than I had to offer…,


Have you contacted sig?


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Both?:joy: you can multi task.


It was nice to read this thread brother I needed a laugh after working at the shop and my part time