Sig P320 80% Build Adventure


Everyone, I did a P320 80% build. The videos are on my channel but I did a follow-up article on some of the things that came up during the build that doesn’t come across in the videos.

Once again I would like to thank @switchpod for help on how to calculate drill bit speed.


Thank you for the mention Brother!
I love your write up on the sig build. Your honest approach During the build will build a lot of trust with your followers.


Awesome write up.


Thank you for the help!

I want to make sure that I am being honest on top of producing good content.




I bought a chasis but haven’t even begun to think about doing it yet
I’m gonna check out your vid


Definitely check out my video. I walk you through the steps including putting in the lower parts. These are way easier than a 1911 build.

Here is the article with all of the tools that I used.

And here is the links to the videos. If you have questions, let me know.


Excellent. Will be watching tomorrow.


DOH! Just accidentally deleted the Frame Completion video… Crap that was trending on Google Searches too…

Uploading again stay tuned for new link.


Don’t know how I did it. I uploaded a video and deleted because I grabbed the wrong video (accidentally uploaded the 80% video instead) and they both disappeared.

Oh well. Here is the new link


I liked your instructions. They worked really well. . I only did the safety slot different. used a pointed diamond cutter just the right size to grind out the material between the holes.


Funny, I was considering using a 7144 or 7122 and taking a couple of passes with that but already had the other two bits and decided to use them since I was WAY over budget already and had a crapload of reinforced cut off wheels.

What bit did you use? How well did it cut?

Thanks for watching!

  1. it ate up the bit quick. only could do 1-1/2 slots per bit.


Cool. Thanks for sharing! Yea the frame ate up my two bits pretty fast as well.