Sig P320 X5 release?

Anybody heard a release date for the x-series yet? I can’t wait to get my hands on the X5

Oh gosh, SIG (and IWI) are such kitsch brands. I wouldn’t even bother. Why would you want a P320 anyway? Get a P10C or PPQ instead. Much better guns from more reputable companies. All SIG makes is turds.

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Ouch, Brother, that hurts! I think Sigs are quality guns and I’ve shot many different types, including the PPQ (nice gun as well).

Sorry brother. SIG isn’t on par with Wilson Combat -no hand gun is. Anything pre-Cohen SIG is fine by me though.

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True that about the Wilson but most don’t have the $ it takes to own one

I’d also look in to the LH9N MKII and Rex Zero 1S. Wouldn’t mind owning either of those. Nor would I pass on a P10-C, USP, P30, PX4 Storm, 92G, PPQ M2 or pre-Cohen P226. I wouldn’t really consider any other hand gun. I don’t like Smith, Springer, Glock etc. Stryk B and H9 will have to prove themselves as they are newcomers on the market but they are interesting options as well.

Interesting take. Never heard anybody not liking Sig products. I am truly a Sig Man that’s why this caught my attention. I am built on HK, Sig and CZ I own three of each. And one Glock. However, I never liked the p320. Funny it’s the only Sig that I did not care to much for. Reason being I have a live for Hammer fire firearms and all of mine are Hammers except the Glock. I will say this: because of the military contract. I owe it to Sig Sauer to take another and decent look at the P320. And the X5 is attractive!

I thought to get P320 X5… then switched to X-Carry. I have other great guns for a sport shooting. X-Carry is for carry. Love that gun. Lots of nice features. Great shooter. around $700 street price.
all my Sigs (X5, Elite, Legion, P230 SS, X-Carry) are great.

my X-Carry finally got a holster.

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One of my local gun shops had an X5 Carry in stock just recently. While I liked the squared frame and larger beaver tail, I don’t think its enough for me to pay for the frame and upgrade it from my standard P320 frame. If I was just starting out on buying a P320, I would certainly go for the X-5 over the standard.