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Sig P938 | Gorgeous Every Day Carry 9mm [Review]

first published on November 6, 2019 by Josh



When it comes to micro-compact pistols, your options are near limitless. The Sig P938 is one of the many options that exist in this space, and we’re here to answer some of your questions about it.

Is it just a gorgeous micro 1911 in 9mm, or is the handgun an actual option for every day carry? Keep reading, we put this thing through the ringer to answer that question, and a couple others you might have.

Is a Micro-Compact What You Need?

Before you purchase any firearm that you intend to carry every day, you need to ask yourself some questions. Will this handgun meet my needs? Do I like the way this handgun feels in my hands? Can I effectively and confidently use this weapon to act in the defense of myself or others? These questions are all subjective to you. If you can’t answer all of these questions in the affirmative, you should move on to another weapon.

That said, the best handgun in the world is the one you’re the most competent with, and the one you will carry every day. If you’re like me, that means a micro-compact fits the bill.

I’m proficient with full-size handguns and sub-compacts, but during the summer months I want something smaller. Micro-compacts fit this need perfectly, because I can put them in a small pocket holster and carry them even when in shorts. That’s not something you can accomplish with your Glock 17 very easily.

If you find yourself questioning if you should grab your gun or not during the summer months because of bulk, a micro-compact is for you. You’ll never ask yourself that question again when your gun fits in your pocket.

Meet the Gorgeous Sig P938.

Introduced in 2011 at SHOT Show, the Sig Sauer P938 is an excellent micro-compact handgun designed after the 1911. Similar to the P238, this weapon offers the ballistic advantage and diversity of the 9mm round. Each magazine is single stacked, and holds 6+1 9mm cartridges in the magazines that come with the pistol.

Also, aside from the ambidextrous safety, anyone who is familiar with the 1911 platform will feel at home. The slide-stop lever, magazine release, and thumb safety are all located in familiar places. The adjustment period with this weapon is short, the only things you need to get used to are the ambi-safety and the compact size.

Here’s a comprehensive review from Hickok45. Below the video, you’ll find the factory specifications for the weapon.


CALIBER: 9mm Luger


FRAME SIZE: Micro-Compact


FRAME FINISH: Hard Coat Anodized


SLIDE MATERIAL: Stainless Steel



BARREL LENGTH: 3.0 in (76 mm)

OVERALL LENGTH (IN): 5.9 in (150 mm)

OVERALL WIDTH: 1.1 in (28 mm)

HEIGHT: 3.9 in (99 mm)

WEIGHT (OZ): 16 oz (454 g)

Range Performance of the Sig P938.

This is a Sig pistol we’re talking about. we can pretty much just say “It works,” and we’re be done here. That’s not quite good enough though, so let’s dig a little bit deeper.

We took the Sig P938 out on one of our range days and had three different shooters use the weapon. Our group ran basic 9mm ammunition from Federal through it, as well as some of our carry ammunition. There were zero issues running any type of ammo through the weapon.

The feel of the weapon is also a nice fit. If you’re familiar with the 1911, then you’re already familiar with this weapon. The one stand-out I didn’t enjoy was the way the ambidextrous safety sat against my hand when it was actuated. As a bigger guy though, this is most likely a one off issue caused by the fact that I have bear mits. The female shooter that was with us thoroughly enjoyed the weapon system. She’s actually considering replacing her Glock 43 with the Sig P938 as she liked the fit better.

All in all, this weapon was great on the range. Personally, I’ve taken it out to the range a ton. Since it’s my spring/summer EDC, it’s with me every time I go to the range, and I always use a bit of spare time to get some training in with it. In all of that time, I can count the number of issues I’ve personally had with the weapon on exactly zero fingers.

Every Day Carry Comfort.

Next to the Canik TP-9 and Glock 43, I don’t think I’ve ever carried a more comfortable pistol. Let me put this into perspective, for two years, the Sig 938 has been my carry pistol of choice throughout the warmer months. I use a nice pocket holster, and often forget that I’m even carrying the weapon which is exactly what I look for in a carry pistol.

When it comes to your carry pistol, you need to make sure that it’s something you want to carry every day. A full-size handgun, or even a larger compact comes with a lot of downsides. The largest of those downsides being that sometimes, you really just do not want to strap that thing on. Personally, that’s why I like micro compact pistols the most. Sure, you sacrifice a little bit in your capacity, but you know that you have a handgun you will never fail to carry regardless of the situation.

Final thoughts on the Sig P938.

Aside from the small issue with the ambidextrous safety digging into my monster hands, I have nothing negative to say about the Sig P938. I’ve owned the weapon since 2017, and have had absolutely zero issues. It’s always been a pleasure to carry, and a solid fall back weapon for when the weather starts getting too warm to wear clothes that will appropriately conceal a full size handgun.

This is also a product from Sig Sauer. Sig’s brand screams reliability in all facets, so if you’re on the fence about this purchase because you’re afraid the product isn’t up to snuff, set that aside now. The P938 is a solid every day carry micro compact that we recommend.

That’s our opinion on the Sig P938 though. We’re firm believers in the idea that everyone has a different experience with every weapon. Let us know down in the comments your experience with the weapon. Was it everything you were hoping for, or was did it lack in some meaningful way that impacted your ability to use and carry the firearm?


They are excellent!!


I’ve had one for a few years now and I love the thing. It’s not my EDC, but when size matters and I can’t take something bigger it’s what I take. There was a .22LR conversion for it at one time* and that makes for relatively inexpensive practice, not that it will ever be a competition gun, but that’s just not it’s role. But I can see it being a decent trail gun; it’s certainly accurate enough.

I’m not a big person and I have small hands and I find no negatives at all. I modify most all my guns and I haven’t done anything to my 938.

*Now I only see the rimfire as a complete gun on SIGs website.


I have had one since 2013. Had a rough start but after the mainspring housing and mag catch were fixed by Sig it has been flawless. Took me near 500 rounds to dial myself in shooting it but it is accurate and really pretty comfortable to shoot for the size. Pocket carry it a bunch when in a non-permissive environment.


Hadn’t heard anything negative, happy you like it now, I’ve seen barrel rust with IWB carry but S FL so consider the environment

I’ve had a lot of pistols and settled on the SAS version,

they are good competition guns …if you’re running the BUG division :grin:


How many is a lot?


a piss load


A young mans piss load or an old mans piss load?


It would have to be a young mans as the dribbling has stopped.


Great info sir, I haven’t owned one but thoroughly pleased with Sig in most cases. Maybe put it on my bucket list to purchase :face_with_monocle:


They had lots of problems at the start, not unlike many Sigs they let the public do the beta testing. The original mainspring was held by a small plastic tit that would break after a few hundred rounds, guide rods were coming apart with the front portion flying downrange and the magazine catch was dropping mags. I didn’t experience the last two issues myself but it took three trips to Sig before mine was cured. I think they are good to go from the start now, rarely see any issues come up on SigTalk.


I had a 938 for a short time. It’s a great little gun and I really wanted to love it, but the small frame size didn’t work for me. The geometry prevented proper finger placement on the trigger, which significantly hurt my accuracy. The Hogue rubber grip was helpful and I was able to shoot better groups with some practice. However, good accuracy required a slow rate of fire, extreme mental focus, and frequent hand/finger adjustments. For me, that’s unacceptable for a carry gun. It never felt natural to me. :disappointed:


I really like sig but I’m not a huge fan of guns this small. But I bet it would be a good gun


I’ve been happy with mine.


I don’t have a 938 but I do have a p238 the .380 variation and it is a fine gun but I picked up a Springfield 911 in .380 and find I like it better It is thinner and just as accurate and uses the same mags.


Nice surprise bonus


One thing I did forget to mention for problems with it and it’s just a training issue. When I slap in a fresh mag unless I get my lower hand out of the way I can catch skin and get a blood blister. That’ll wake me up in a hurry! I don’t have a lot of really small handguns*, but I assume it can be an issue with others as well and not only with the 938.

*My only other is a .380 AMT Backup BUG bought new decades ago. For what I bought it for I knew I’d only get one shot before it jammed (duty jacket pocket carry). A derringer would have worked just as well or better with it’s 2 shots.


And Springfield mags are around 25 bucks and Sig mags are 39.