Sig Saur to present ceremonial m17 pistols for Tomb of the Unknown Soldier


Cool looking pistol, seems Sig is starting to do cool custom stuff with the p320 line.


I go to Arlington a lot
I find it to be a place that makes me proud to be a patriot and it definitely fills up the tank


The last time I went they were laying a soilder to rest


That’s a slick looking pistol.

They sure are pushing hard on the P320. Looks like they’re trying to create an image that the P320 is the military pistol, usurping the M9.

I cannot wait to see what the aftermarket world does with the P320. The modularity opens up so many possibilities.


That is one beautiful firearm. I would be proud to own and shoot it.


I hope so, Ive had kind of bad luck when they first came out (ive owned 6) but it looks like most of the kinks have been worked out. Im getting ready to buy some new ones.


I compete with the P320 X-Five and a red dot - I love it.

I plan on doing a review video of it and the customizations I’ve put into it in the near future.


They always make adjustments and refinements as they go along
I have handled a few 320 pistols and have changed out some chassis for people that were scared to do it on there own
I own a 250 and it’s one of my favorites it’s more robust than the 320 imo


The 320 is actually more refined than the 250 and I would drop a good chunk of change down for a bet that its far more durable. The p320 is the evolution of the p250.