Sight Pushers


I know a lot of smiths are on here. For those that don’t know I am a gunsmith student at SDI. I am wanting to invest in a sight pusher and am hoping I could get some recommendations on what’s good and what to avoid. I see pushers as cheap as like $40 bucks and then several hundred dollars. Are these cheaper ones good? Do I need to buy one for 300 bucks? Any help would be appreciated.


I want to see the responses too.
I am not a smith and have never used a sight pusher. So far have only used punches.


I have the Gen 2 (Mk III) RST RearSightTool Universal Field Sight Pusher and nothing to say to promote it except the Gen III looks like it might work :woozy_face:


The Gen 2 has no strength and is awkward, easy to misalign and potentially damage/scratch the firearm

I’ve put it away for brass punches more than once


I have the MGW sight pusher for Glocks. It is excellent, but it’s only for full size Glock pistols (no G42/43).
I know they make a more universal tool, but of course it’s more expensive.
As usual…you almost always get what you pay for.


Ive gone through a bunch of sight pushers in my career and ive done all the cheap ones out there, they are not worth it, other than just to use them for Glock sights, as you know you can drift a Glock rear sight by blowing on it. the one that i currently own and have had for a few years now is the Meprolight universal sight pusher, i honestly like this one as it is hefty, sturdy, and rugged. i got mines from Brownells and they are pricey but well worth the price. if i would have known in the beginning of my career i would have purchased once and done. Hope this helps friend.


Once I go to the shop… I will show you what I own…
You need a lot.
Cheap is just that, cheap.
People sort of scoff at the $45.00 charge for removing a rear sight to install a new once. I have over a thousand dollars invested in just sight tools and I still do not have enough.


I look forward to seeing what you have and what you think of them @RogueGunnWorks


I was really busy at the shop. I will try to remember tomorrow.


So I have been doing research and I am curious if any of you have opinions on the MGW Sight Pro universal model. I would love to get the tool @TheHobbyGunsmith recommended but at least for now it is out of my price range. Here is a link to the Brownells site with it


as a journeyman tradesman - buy the best tool out there once. Cheaping out will only cost you down the road so invest in the best now.


My wife has a saying… “we are not rich enough to buy cheap crap”

Think about it.


I can say with all certainty that that tool is a good one. It is the number 1 sight pusher I use.
Sorry, I have been very busy at work…
Anyway… I own that one, along with the shoes. It makes fast work of most sights. It will NOT do Sig Sauer front sights!
I have a Meprolight unit, it will do them… sort of…
I have a glock unit… works ok, gas issues but I use it all the time.
I have a sig Sauer P220 front sight pusher from Sig… best one yet. Only works on the 220…
I have 3 more, forget the models.
I am really trying to remember to display them. Just very busy.


I use an MGW Sight Pro as a pusher. However that is a piece of shop equipment for my company. I have used the cheaper “universal” ones that are made from square stock. I ended up scratching up a slide that I just Cerakoted and had to re-finish. That is when I spent my money on the MGW Sight Pro. I have almost $1000 into my sight pusher with all of the conversions that I own. But I absolutely love it.

1/2 way through this article I mention this problem.


How many different “shoes” are there for the MGW Pro? Looking on Brownells I only see maybe 4 or 5 and they run about 20ish a piece. Is that all of them or are they a lot more and if so where can I look/purchase them. I can’t seem to find a actual MGW website. @TheHobbyGunsmith does the one you recommend use different shoes as well? If it does does it come with the shoes or are they separate? If they are separate where can I get them and how much do they normally run (approx. is fine)? Thanks again to everyone I think I’ve narrowed it down kind of to these two now Im trying to just see which I think will work out best. Also I haven’t had a set of sights put on in a few years I know someone (sorry I can’t remember who now) said they charge about 45ish to do it. What do you fellows charge so I can maybe get an idea of how many jobs it will take to make this investment pay for itself and start making me money.


I just added up all of my stuff and I was WAY off on my guesstimate. The Pusher was $350 and I probably have about 15 shoes (they typically run about $20 like you see on Brownells). So I am about $650. I really need to get some sleep. Sorry.

There is really not an actual MGW website. They do other things than gun stuff as well.

I buy my stuff on Brownells. They typically get all of the shoes that MGW makes. And no, it does not come with shoes. This IS an expensive unit, but I haven’t found a sight that I couldn’t push with it as long as there was a shoe.

Talk to Brownells, they may give you a gunsmithing discount because you are an active gunsmithing student.



I just use two small c-clamps, a 1.5"x6"x1/4" piece of flat bar, some small bits of tool steel, a pencil and a piece of leather.


I once again didnt even look at what I have… I was cleaning or something all day.


@DTA13 The one that i recommended does not use shoes, it actually works with a machined block the has holes drilled out at different heights, and you insert them into the sight pushers pegs according to what the manual tell you depending on the make and model of the firearm you will be working on.


These are the main ones I use.


Like many others have stated, I am not a gunsmith either. However this is what I use, it was a birthday gift and has worked well for me.