Sight tool - Sight Master by CZ Industries

Well after a few hours of shopping and not remembering where I first saw it, but it is now on my desk.

Funny how many “sight pusher” are out there with 99.9% coming out of China with a varying price tag of pennies to couple hundred dollars.

and I present the CZ Industries Inc, proudly Made in the USA, the Sight Master

Came “well” packaged.

It is a well made machined Aluminum piece with replaceable contact jaws. It has a variable cam type locking to accommodate different width slides.
This explains it better than I can. img002.pdf (509.6 KB)

Oh did I mention MADE in the USA!


well it passed the first test - bored sighted the pistol and drifted the sight into alignment.
Which means I can use it on the range.


Well sight replacement was an expensive learning experience

Micro screws when snug are tight and no reason to torque any further than unless trying to make two pieces into three.
the rear sight pushed off and on, again pay attention to the small things like ensuring the slide is flat and square.
make sure that the top of the slide is in contact on both sides of the sight and the rest is easy.

and some how already managed to lose the orange handle…


So, US made , related to CZ Czech?

Quality looks fantastic :+1:


I got one of those Wheeler Sight Pushers turns out it is Chinese made you can buy the same one off brand for cheaper.