Sign a Petition to Repeal the NFA


Saw this on MAC’s MyFaceSpace page

Needs 100k signatures to get a response from the White House


We can only hope this happens.


We can do more than hope, we can make it happen. Sadly, even with many social media personalities sharing the link and asking people to take 5 minutes out of their day to do something to help restore our rights while we have the once in a lifetime opportunity, we only have 2,700 signatures. It’s a total slap in the face. Sometimes we’re our own worst enemy…


Is there something funny going on? I can’t believe it would garner less than 3k signatures at this point. Are we not promoting this enough?


I have a half-assed theory. Most of these petitions have only gotten lip-service handwaving responses, and no actual results. Also, most of the petitions on the site have been for “liberal” causes. I know things have changed in the White House, but people’s perceptions of the petition site probably haven’t. I’ve seen people on a few forums brushing it off as “even if we get the signatures nothing will happen.” I sort of agree. The petition getting to Trump is in itself useless. However, if we get a lot of signatures and get the NRA-ILA/SAF/GOA to lobby for it and write our Senators and Reps to get their attention, having all the signatures can be useful evidence.

I signed, but I can understand some reasons for not doing so, mostly relating to cynicism with the system.


I don’t know… I mean, I see every big social media player reaching out to their audiences and it does seem that nothing is happening.


This isn’t your typical petition site. This is the White House. If you get 100k signatures, the White House will respond to your petition in writing.


@MAC, something is really inconsistent on website. As I write this message, there is only a total of 2,822 signatures in place. I don’t have a screenshot to verify, but earlier today It was above 3,000. I’m almost wondering if there are multiple threads for the same topic, but the White House’s website doesn’t have a search field for petitions. It’s making this a bit challenging for some people to actually place in a vote. There isn’t even a section that I can find on their website that allows me to place in a support ticket for an error on their website.

If we can spread the word and hyperlink 1 specific petition for all persons that follow any of the channels on Full30 or all YouTube gun channels, maybe that’s a way to spike things up. Just an idea.

Thanks for trying to get the wheels spinning. You and the other channels on Full30 are appreciated for speaking out with the bigger stance you have in the gun community :slight_smile:


Google Advanced Search is pretty good at looking up this type of thing when a web site doesn’t have a search function. As far as I can see, there’s two petitions pertinent to this issue:

Repeal the NFA (2832 signatures as of this writing):

And Repeal the Hughes Amendment (3445 signatures as of this writing)

That may be the cause of confusion.

People should really sign both.


Seriously guys, we need to get the word out about this and which one to sign. We only have until February 19th if we want to get a response. If you have Pro-2A friends who haven’t signed, get them to. If you have Pro-2A relatives who haven’t signed, get them to. If you work somewhere Pro-2A, advertise it. Post it on face book if you have a goodly amount of friends. I don’t mean to sound “Ra-Ra, Let’s do this”, but this could be, as @MAC said, a once in a lifetime chance. If we can’t get this through, we need to work incrementally to chip away at the NFA. Regardless of these petitions, support the Hearing Protection Act.


How are we doing on signatures


Only 5k-ish



Go figure, how many gun owners are there actually?, yet for some reason we can’t get anything done that is of some real significance such as getting rid of the Hughes Amendment, the NFA, etc. Makes me wonder.


I’ve signed both and I’ve personally advised friends to as well, but in that process I’ve noticed a very disturbing trend. It seems like a few of them are of the opinion that the NFA isn’t bad legislation

They honestly believe that it serves as an effective obstacle for individuals with bad intentions owning what they see as “excessive” or “dangerous” weapons. Either that or they have no idea what it is.

The issues with that line of reasoning and that level of ignorance seem obvious to me. Id compare this to some individuals in ban states getting accustomed to magazine restrictions etc., I think some gun owners have become accustomed to the restrictions of the NFA (and in part the Hughes Amendment for similar reasons).

Furthermore a generation of relatively new gun owners have lived their entire lives with the Hughes Amendment in place (myself included) and many just can’t envision our society without a full-auto ban place.

When I was talking to one of my good friends from college he summed it up perfectly:
“It’s like legislative Stockholm syndrome”

I also see an irritating amount of gun owners sitting content and complacent now that Trump is president; expecting the restoration of gun rights to come to them. They don’t see a threat so they’re not motivated to advocate for their rights.


The biggest obstacle I think for most people is the “Machine Gun” legalization so to speak. I’m supporting it either way but, I think it’s an easier propostition if it was just “Suppressors” and “SBR’s” or even if the wording was something along the lines of Amending the NFA rather than repeal.


I looked at the petition and didn’t sign it because we have better into which we can put our energy. We should make a higher priority of freeing California, New Jersey, New York, Conneticut and Massachusetts from their “evil” black rifle bans and handgun tyranny. Carry permit reciprocity should be a high priority.


I do not believe in national CCW reciprocity. I do believe in Constitutional Carry tho. No permit should be needed for something that is a right.


As of 2-9-17, 68,000 signatures! That’s about 30,000 in the last 12 hours! I think we have traction now!


Its about time! I signed it the first day it was up but did not know that I had to verify the signature via email until a few days after. I wonder how many people fell into the same trap and have no idea?


Big Shout Out to @MAC for posting his latest video. If you haven’t checked it out, here’s the link:

The channel posted on Facebook today that 24 hours after the video was posted, the signatures spiked up to 67,800+. That’s insane! There’s still a ways to go to get to 100,000 signatures, but your channels voice has clearly made a significant impact on this petition. Thank you!

If we can get other YouTube Channels like Iraqveteren8888, MrGunsandGear, Sootch00, Hickok45, and the other big guys on YouTube and Full30 to put out a similar video, I’m confident that we’ll hit the 100,000 signature mark before the February 19th deadline. The petition won’t guarantee anything, but at least it will give us, the people, a chance to speak out our disapproval of the NFA.

Enjoy the day!