Site compatible with Windows 7 / IE 11 or not?


There are several threads asking why videos won’t play, but there don’t seem to be any straight answers. I’m using Windows 7 with IE 11. I also have Kaspersky, which might be blocking the ads that play before videos. Full30 worked for a while with the same setup a few weeks ago, when I first joined, but has stopped working lately. Any ideas?


Try another browser. Firefox has an option to dump cookies when you close it. This is useful because webpages not appearing can be from cookies that need to be cleared


Okay, let’s say I’m not trying another browser, because this one worked a few weeks ago, when I first joined. Any suggestions?


Try disabling any add-ins and temporarily turn off Kaspersky to run a test to see if videos will load after you’ve cleared your cache and cookies completely. If you can trace where the break is perhaps you can come up with a bypass just for this site. If you refuse to use another web browser (which I’m REALLY curious as to why you aren’t) this is going to be something that will require some finagling.

Also keep in mind that the owners are working hard behind the scenes to add more features and other stuff to the site so there may have been a programming change along the way that’s interfering with your browser and etc.


Thanks for the response. To answer the question:

  1. I have an older (14 yrs?) computer, which I’m replacing in a couple of months;
  2. I’m not very computer literate. I really, really, like just turning the machine on and it works. I consider this exactly the same as somebody who has no gunsmithing skill or desire: you ought to be able to just expect a gun to work.
  3. There has to be a Windows-related answer.
  4. Saying “try another browser” is like somebody posting about some trouble with a 1911, and somebody says, “Get a Glock”.

I’ve tried turning Kaspersky off completely. It has some effect on other sites, including YouTube (ads play again), but there’s no change here. Turning off Kaspersky DID work a few weeks ago, when I first joined, and I haven’t changed anything since. I simply whitelisted

What happens is that the video comes up for just an instant, long enough that I can see the opening screen, then it’s just gone. I can see everything else on the screen, but it’s all collapsed into the space where the video was.

How would one find and disable add-ins?


Internet Explorer is a broken browser as it no longer follows internet standards.

Firefox was good up until about ver 29(?). then they changed everything to be more like chrome. sigh

i can’t in good conscience suggest chrome as it’s part of the google machine.

i would suggest Pale Moon (more like old school FireFox), but right now some videos (IraqVeteran8888) don’t play. there is a bug report ticket on the issue. hopefully it gets resolved in the next version. my workaround for now is to view the source code and stream the videos in VLC.


yeah it’s not a user agent problem. i’m waiting to hear back from one of the developers on the issue.


Sorry. Was in a rush and didnt see the replies.

You misunderstand (My bad for not elaborating). This is not the case. More like if you were missing the target with your 1911 and somebody said “try my glock and see of its you or the gun to locate the issue”. TRY another browser to eliminate this as the issue. Then if it still happens, you have eliminated the browser as your issue. I have 3 browsers. There are some things that just do not run right on some browsers. Chrome and firefox are my go tos. If it happens on both it may be antivirus or another issue.

If it turns out to work on another browser, clear your cookies on/system info on the old one. Issue with this is you may loose saved passwords and loading sighta for the first time will be slower. Thats why if another browser does work, you may want to just stick with it.


Chome is part of the google machine, but it works. I habe no choice as my Job uses google (and many other businesses as well). I get some satisfaction knowing I use their browser service to look up gun parts and bad mouth their warped views :wink:


Well, as of 8-12-18, it’s working again. I haven’t done a thing; it just works. This is the most frustrating thing there is about computers. Would we accept a car that just doesn’t start one day, but let it sit for a couple of weeks, and it runs fine, at least for a while?


Thats technology now. My pcs are…ok. My phone tho? The only good thing about it is when I loose my cool because its not working properly and throw it, it doesnt break.


I keep my phone in an Otterbox for just that reason.