Site Expansion and Commercials


This place is great. Seriously guys, if you have to run commercials to pay for server space to grow this site to add more channels, please do it. You are up against an 800 pound gorilla with YouTube. I’m pretty sure that most of your viewers would understand.


Yes, yes indeed! I’m sure there are alot of guns and accessory advertisers as well as prepper related companies who would be happy to be able to advertise to such a targeted audience and I wouldn’t mind seeing new stuff.
Just this afternoon cause a review by James Yeager I called my buddy who owns the local gun shop and pre ordered the Canik TP9 SFX. It will be the first non-Glock handgun I have purchased since forever so Im sure Im not the only one who buys alot of stuff based on videos.


^ This.

And allow open channel creation and video posting.