Slidefire shutting down

Slidefire shutting down, no orders after May 20th…shutting down website end of May…unreal…

I knew about this when they announced it. Even thought of buying one… but in the end I always thought it to be a really dumb concept. IF interested in dumping a magazine mindlessly, a binary trigger would make more sense. The majority of people I saw who owned bump stocks really should not have been able to own one. Not even knowing how to clear a simple jam, to missing the target completely. Personal opinion: Not a loss.

This is just a stepping stone, after bump stocks they will go after light triggers and trigger modifications. The sharks are in a frenzy for blood and we are just feedig them.

Any rate increasing device. That includes what? Binary triggers? Belt loops, rubber bands? How about my finger? Will polishing a mil spec trigger be a problem because it increases rate of fire? See, there’s the problem. This isn’t a line in the sand, it’s a big foggy area that can be used against anything from full auto, to using a bolt action too fast.

The issue is not about personal opinion on gun parts, It’s about Infringements on the 2nd…No one’s opinion overrides what The 2nd Amendment says…You may not like them or want one, BUT you should be 100% against them being banned…It’s amazing how many so called 2nd Amendment believers are ok with more Infringements…how many more will you be ok with ?


Florida is already having issues that whole issue.

And this had to be reminded

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Hey, we got @SAK to say hello after a bump, lets be optimistic we can get Slidefire back as well :grin: