Small Arms "Special Forces Foreign Weapons Demonstration" ~ 1974 US Foreign Science & Technology

From the youtube comments section:

“This was filmed at Fort Bragg, NC. The surroundings and the bleachers remind me of OP 9 where the live fire for the Phase II Special Forces Weapons Course used to be held. The shoulder patch and white beret flash of the introductory speaker show this is being hosted by the US Army Institute for Military Assistance (formerly and now known as the US Army Special Warfare Center) again at Fort Bragg. He refers to the “new” BMP which went into full series production in 1973 appearing for the first time in the 1973 Arab-Israeli War. The M231 Firing Port Weapon was “in development” starting in 1972. He also refers to a period of peace so this is post-Vietnam. The most telling (in addition to the previously mentioned appearance of the MP5SD) is his mentioning we “don’t know much” about the PK. I have a Foreign Materiel Exploitation Report prepared by H.P. White Laboratories for the FSTC and published December 1974. This would all tend to make me believe that this took place at Fort Bragg sometime in 1974.”


This reminds me of a scene in the green berets movie.

I think that we would all benefit from having a few more Master Sargent Muldoon’s in this country.


Both are great! Hahhahaha