Small Foot

Just went and saw Small Foot. That’s two hours of my life I wish I had back. First of all, if you’re paying attention, it’s anti Christian. Starts off with the yeti having a peaceful, prosperous civilization based on a set of laws written in stone. Of course, these stones had to be proven lies. There’s even a scene where they have “God” and under it, they draw a question mark. Immediately to the right of this is the CRESCENT MOON AND STAR! Anyone know what that represents? If that wasn’t bad enough, the story line is horrible and nothing but a rip-off of a bunch of other movies. Fern Gulley immediately comes to mind. It’s uninteresting and totally predictable. As far as I can tell, it’s only purpose is socialist propaganda.
Dont get me wrong, I have no issue with freedom of religion. Where the problem comes in is when something is force fed to our children.


Sounds like a horrible movie to me.


Sounds like garbage. I went and watched “The First Purge” and it was the same thing.


Oh yeah, that was crap too


I kind of laughed at the fact that they portrayed an inner city drug lord and a whiney hoodrat as heros against the evil NRA and racist Republicans. I think the first two Purge movies are good but they became to politicised and pro commie after that.


Totally agree. The drug lord hero thing was a bit much.


Hollyweird hates us. They make billions off of firearms and have ARMED bodyguards while telling us we can’t.
Anyone supporting hollyweird is feeding anti firearm scumbags.
Brainwashing of the masses just like cnn/dnc LSM POS

Pirate their product- they’d destroy our way of life the first chance they get.


Most new movies are crap and I refuse to fund hollycrap by paying to see them. I will wait for them to hit TV or the bargain DVD bin!


Or the beginning of the the movie when they were talking like its racial injustice to cut welfare . I lmao