Smith and Wesson 4506-1

How many fans of the older S&Ws are there? Have you ever shot one of these?


I don’t have any older S&W semi-auto’s, but I love my old wheel guns.


They are great shooters and very accurate, Their the corner stone for todays semi-autos evolution. And the custom pistol smiths from years ago set the presidency for today’s compact semi-autos, Theodore Paris, Charles Kelsey, Pat Yates, Tim LaFrance just to name a few.


I’ve owned a bunch of the 3rd gen S&W autos including the 4506. They are good, solid, reliable pistols. I still own one, a 6906 that my wife claimed as soon as she shot it. While I love shooting them, I consider them a collectors piece more than a carry piece (for me, ymmv) reason for this is the magazine disconnect safety, the backwards slide mounted manual safety, and a de cocker that stays in the safe position instead of returning to a firing position.
I find the DAOs to be the best of the bunch, if the springs are tuned, and the magazine safety removed…(my preferences).


Nice video. I have an older, police trade-in S&W 3913 that I really like. As a single stack and with its relatively smaller size, it makes a decent conceal carry handgun.