SN pic of the day


We have a good following over on IG with a ton of suppressor nuts posting awesome pix everyday. We wanted to take the opportunity to showcase some of those pix with another audience that may not be on instagram. I will try to keep up and get at least 1 posted here a day!


Do you get the same only an idiot would share their guns online comments that I get on Twitter?


I have not. We get tagged a lot with people asking us to repost their stuff.


I’m sent thousands of pictures. I post one every other hour and been doing that for nearly a year. One thing I do is scrub the meta data from the pictures before I post them.


“I sold them all yesterday” lol


“Boating Accident”
“Im now a Democrat”
Are popular ones too.





I really need to get a suppressor that can be used on my 300 blackout. One of these days.


You definitely do. I kept putting it off year after year but after I made that first buy and stared shooting suppressed it’s been a mist have for every gun I shoot now! #suppressedlife



Are those all yours? Impressive.


No I’m just reposting off my instagram


Lot of cans.