I am besides myself.
My EDC folder is a one year only special knife from Cold Steel.
The thumb flipper fell out after 11 years, and I lost it.

So I contacted the new Cold Steel, and Lee Thompson the old CEO.
No parts available :frowning:

I contacted the folks at Snaggletooth to see if they had a small enough screw and thumb flipper for my blade.
They said sadly no.

So about a week later Rob at Snaggletooth sends me a tic tok video of some machinist making one for my very knife.

I told him cool, but I left the machine shops, so I dont have access to those tools. Since I do not have social media, I have no way to contact him.

I just got a email from him that says that was him in the video, and he made the custom parts for me.

I do not remember when someone was as nice to me as this.

So my review is they are righteous dudes


Now THAT is awesome