I am besides myself.
My EDC folder is a one year only special knife from Cold Steel.
The thumb flipper fell out after 11 years, and I lost it.

So I contacted the new Cold Steel, and Lee Thompson the old CEO.
No parts available :frowning:

I contacted the folks at Snaggletooth to see if they had a small enough screw and thumb flipper for my blade.
They said sadly no.

So about a week later Rob at Snaggletooth sends me a tic tok video of some machinist making one for my very knife.

I told him cool, but I left the machine shops, so I dont have access to those tools. Since I do not have social media, I have no way to contact him.

I just got a email from him that says that was him in the video, and he made the custom parts for me.

I do not remember when someone was as nice to me as this.

So my review is they are righteous dudes


Now THAT is awesome


I had to make a modification, it hit the lock button.
Oh yeah, you stick in your pocket, when you pull it out , it auto opens and locks. Bad donkey for sure.
Even better than I thought it would be.

Sorry about the dirty tape measure, any port in the storm.


Forward this to 7:45
It shows the rapid deployment feature.

When I checked this out, I thought it was just another nifty way to open your blade. Wrongamundo!

It is the fastest deployment Ive ever seen. No waving your hand like some kind of Jedi.
Just pull it out, and it is open. Scary fast


Or, practice that cool rapid deployment


And when I pull my auto its in my hand rather than my fingertips, won’t sell me on that one :wink:


Emerson solved this a while back.


Auto blades are illegal in a lot of states, unless you LEO, which really makes no sense.
Mine does not come into my fingers, the middle of my hand. Which is bigger than the guy in the video.


The Hell’s Angels realized Old Timer solved the problem years ago… :cowboy_hat_face:

Legal in all 50. My EDC for years:


Here in washingrad ALL fixed blades are illegal to carry, thus I have a folder, which every folder is legal.


With a blade length of 3.25 inches it qualifies as a tool I believe. Safety rules in my industry don’t allow folders. Retractable have to be auto retracting. Fixed blades are ok under 3.5 inches. Regardless there is this:

Under Washington State Laws it is LEGAL TO OWN and CARRY these knives -

dirk, dagger, or any kind of stabbing knife; a bowie knife; a stiletto; a disguised knife; and even throwing stars.However, the bearer must carry them openly . This means they should NEVER BE CONCEALED as that will make them illegal.

My understanding is as a tool under 3.5 inches in length the concealment isn’t a problem.


Seattle, Everett, Tacoma, and Olympia you can not carry any of the above.
In order for me to pull my sword out of its box, I have to carry my dojo card.

Going into the WAC I was stopped by the popo for wearing a bowie.

Carrying any fixed blade of any sort, the popo will stop, take it, and make you go to court to get it back.

Carrying a sword in any of the above cites without a dojo card gets you thrown in jail.
My dojo car is over 20 years old, I only had to show it to one cop.

The cites do not use the state laws, they have their own tyranny.

You can not sit on the sidewalk in Olympia, the first case brought cops from 11 agencies. The judge ruled against the constitution.

The commie say public safety rules over the bill of rights.


It’s like you live in Australia instead of America. Thanks for the heads-up. To bad nobody there has enough in their sack to take these laws down. Maybe they have started and the cases are still winding their way up.


We the People still have our self protection, the only way that is going to change is when they come and get them.

I have one word for them, I cant say the word, but the sound is NEOW


You have an attack cat? I always wanted one of those. :joy::rofl:


Got it from the kitty next door

Think Ill go back and get it some more


Black Knives Matter


…so hard to see in the dark though.