SNOWDEN & .....Poll

If you’ve not watched it

maybe thats best

If you have watched it, what would you have done, just as important since he did it and you live in the fallout, what would you do in a similar situation?


I was chatting with a co-worker earlier this week talking about web stuff and mentioned to him revisiting a site I used to use and finding its now owned by Amazon


WTF I wondered :thinking::thinking::thinking:

And while chatting I looked up the popularity of

and I was impressed

my friend likes foxnews so we looked it up

he of course was happy

together we wondered who has the highest ranks, we checked a few

Amazon came up


why is the chart so inorganic?

But,who’s #1?

Yes,all of this, the movie, Google,

its all related.

So, in a similar situation, blind poll

  • Share all secrets.
  • Let the sleeping masses sleep.
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That is a very very easy question to answer.

Look at Fox News - it changed rankings from about 270 all the way up to about 210. That’s 50 different positions it can go up and down, one at a time. Each change is it going up and down one at a time. went from 10 to 11 to 10 to 11 to 10 to 9 to 10.

It’s a rankings of the website, not a traffic estimate.

Google is flat because it’s the #1 ranked website. It didn’t go up or down any rankings - it just stayed as the most popular website because it is the most popular website out there.

These aren’t secrets - these are just rankings of websites. And they’re very rough estimates.

You used to be able to compare websites in the same graph, now you gotta sign up for an account to do so, which I don’t feel like doing at the moment. If you put Fox and Amazon on the same graph, Amazon would appear to be just a line because its devation is from 11 to 9, while Fox News’ deviation is from around 270 to 210.


You do impress :+1:

Pointing out the obvious, imagine if I put forth that kind of effort to :eyes: then :brain:


Staring at traffic graphs is a big component of my job. I look at one usually at least once a day.

The graph is meaningless without a point of reference, and the X and Y establish the reference, so it’s where I always look first. Just habit.


People may not be aware of your site but it is nice

Looks like you use WP & image

so you know what you are talking about :+1:


I’m a web developer full time and have been for 10+ years, so I hope I know what I’m doing at this point…


The problem is that people generally only see what they want to see. If you told all the secrets, I’m not sure that many people would be all that outraged. They’re going to think since it hasn’t affected them then it must be OK. People are blind that way.



I want all the secrets.

Who killed JFK?

What came first, the chicken or the egg?

Is bigfoot real?

Are Rosie O’Donnell and Michael Moore the same person?