So, a thing happened, so I had to do this thing.


I’ve been dealing with pain in my left leg for a while, but my ankle swelled up last week and I could hardly walk. My wife says, go to the walk in clinic. Hmm, the walk in, sure, ya, you’re funny. I ended up being referred to a specialist. A few X-rays later, I’m told the joint looks really good, except for one thing. The leg bone is hitting the foot bone. So I’m in a boot for four weeks, then see what we have. But, I can’t just leave the boot as it is. This is me we are talking about here.



you make a good laugh


Well, I do try.


That boot alone could kick some serious ass! :wink:

Anyway, sorry to hear about your injury. I hope you heal up soon.


Wow, hope you feel better soon.


I like it. If that foot knows what’s good for it - it will shape up fast!

Heal up. I have “bone-on-bone” on one knee and it can be a real pain at times.




After this project at work is finished I intend to go get a surgery to see what can be done to improve my ankle too. That is why I have not tried competitive shooting.

So I feel your pain dude. I wish you a full recovery.
And i am liking your contraption on the boot. Very cool looking.


I think I may go with USPSA steel challenge. No walking, no running, just stand in place and shoot 5 steel targets.


I had no idea there were some competitions where one didnt have to move. :slight_smile:


It’s all about speed. Shoot fast and hit your targets in the correct order.