So are the Dems going to start eating their own?





It will be a bloodbath as the DNC and far left elites crush anyone who isn’t Nina-Pinta-Santa Maria-Cortez or Kamala+Cory.


Remember The scumbags and deadbeats of the dnc out breed us.
Every year more shitbags for the lefturds to brainwash with “free” stuff.
CS cory’s Newark NJ Ruined towns and cities for 20 miles around it.
Fact. Cancer untreated grows. Newark is hard proof.

Do you know to treat cancer don’t cha" :wink:


It seems as though the Dems are trying over-time to find all sort of things done while the Reps were in school. What a miserable waste of time and money to defend our childhoods and all behaviors to conception. It would indeed be nice to have opponents that play fair and respectful. I think the Reps have been schooled in manners, perhaps we should take a page from the corrupt and cynical Dems rule book and find a bit of dirt to use on them. Chappaquiddick, B Clinton. H Clinton and to the current Dems for starters. Dems still cannot find any disruption in this Presidency, if the Dems did their elected jobs, maybe there would not have been a government shutdown. Just sayin’


Its no different than them tearing down statues of their forefathers who where slavers and fought for the confederacy. They are enslaving people using a different technique and must separate themselves from their original roots in order to successfully pull off the deception.
A house divided against itself cannot stand but, the democrats are not a house, they are a trap and traps close and open on anyone who wanders into them indiscriminately.


A generation of “T-ball Tylers” lost their self centered minds when their pig witch lost.
Now like the petulant child having a tantrum the demoncraps have their fingers in their ears stamping their feet because Trump wants border security.
Funny how the Don wants to bring our warriors home and all of a sudden the lefturds are pro war.
demonrats are the murder and death of the republic.
From nut case nancy to schmucky schumer, if legal - I’d “Bear Jew” the whole pile of dnc garbage

Batter up :smiley:


Here is what is TRULY terrifying none of them… not even one would have a job unless several MILLION people thought they had good ideas.