So I got the gas log fireplace going...


It seems to be working fine but this is the first time I’ve tried doing it on my own so if I suddenly drop out of sight you’ll know I blew the house up :cold_sweat:


Hope it stays running properly and you’re safe. And I hope you got some carbon monoxide detectors in the house in case the automatic safety does not work properly. Providing your setup has a safety built-in that is


We do have the carbon monoxide detector plugged in next to the fireplace. I don’t know if it has an automatic safety. I’ll check the manual and see what it says.


All new fire places do have a safety check valve in them. Once lit you can turn it off or blow it out. Give it some time and you will hear the magnets slam the valve closed. Make sure to put the detector a little bit away from the fire place to not give false alarms when burning. We usually recommend 8 to 10ft. And also recommend a carbon monoxide and explosive gas detector. Carbon monoxide rise’s and gas stays low.


mjr FD 99 approves this message.

Put a detector near your beedrooms. Most CO injuries and death I seen were while the people were sleeping.


@suppressednation This one is pre 2001. I will tell hubby about the explosive detector.

@mjrfd99 we will do that.


If you get tired of chopping wood, there’s a neat tool for turning newspapers into logs.
It has a crank and wraps the newspaper up tight.
When we lived where it was cold, I had one and it worked surprisingly well.
You might want to subscribe to the Sunday New York Times for plenty of fodder.
That’s about all that biased propaganda rag is good for.