So…. I Guess The Kid’s Girlfriend Is Moving In.


My daughter’s girlfriend has a pretty rocky family life in Arizona. The girl is 21 but her mother and stepmother pretty much control her life and take her paycheck for their own use. Thursday night she got into a fight with her stepmother who scratched up her face and neck then put her into a choke hold on the floor. She escaped the house by breaking out her bedroom window and taking whatever she could cram in a backpack.

She called my daughter in a panic and after much discussion, we bought the girl a train ticket to come here. She’s leaving at 5:30 tomorrow morning and will be here around 6:00 Christmas night. In the meantime, her brother picked her up today, gave her money for a hotel and drove her down to Flagstaff where she gets on the train.

To make it clear, we do not like this girl. She was here for a week over the summer and was rude an disrespectful to us the whole time. The only reason we are doing this is because our daughter cares about her. We made it very clear there will be some rules this time around and her attitude had better stay in check.

She works for FedEx (Have I mentioned I hate FedEx?) so she can put in for a transfer to our hub here in town. She has agreed to help with utilities and pay us back for the ticket. If she follows through, that will be telling as far as how things go in the future.

Whether this will be permanent or not remains to be seen. This was a situation that we really couldn’t afford considering I’m off work with no paycheck for the next week and a half. On top of that, we had furnace issues this week and a couple other nasty “surprises” that cost me a total of about $500. (Not to mention Christmas.) As I said, this is strictly for my daughter’s benefit but my rope is pretty thin.

Plus my mother, who just had cancer surgery on Wednesday, has not been told about the situation. Since she actually owns our house, it will be interesting to see her reaction. Trying to keep a bunch of stuff under wraps since she has enough to deal with at the moment but this one will be a little bit hard to hide.

There is an ancient curse that says, “may your life never be boring.” I think I have that curse.


I feel your pain . My wife let our youngest daughters boyfriend move in for six months a few years ago . Then I had to drive him to Houston texas to get his kid who lived with us too .


Prayers it all works out for you Willie.


Prayers going your way. Hopefully it will go well .


Thanks for all the prayers and good wishes.
The girl sent my wife a text this morning that she made it on the train. Hopefully they keep it warm. She only has Arizona clothes.


Is KF0DHE a call sign?
The LORD will bless those that help those in need.
1 Corinthians 13:13 And now abideth faith, hope, charity, these three; but the greatest of these is charity.
Amen to you brother for helping this young person out.


Hope everything goes well. Why didn’t she file domestic abuse charges?
It’s nice that your helping the girl but at 21 she is an adult. There is always the Salvation Army.


Yup. I got my Tech license a couple of years ago. I’m not very active though.

We tried to get her to do that but at that point, her main goal was just to get away from them.

True. But she was alone and panicked and with us not being from that area, we couldn’t say what was or wasn’t available for her. The train ticket seemed like the quickest option to give her a direction to go.


I was just pointing out other options.
I think what your doing is good.
I hope she takes this opportunity to change her attitude and be grateful for the help. If the attitude remains there is always the Salvation Army.
My great nephew ( sisters grandson)
Moved down here on the farm. Couldn’t follow rules and was a total $hit.
My Sister packed his $hit and dropped him of at the Salvation Army. No one else in the family would let him move in.


Same with a nephew. Moved in with the Grands. Stealin, drinking, smokin dope, wouldn’t work or go to school. Grandma called the cops on him. When the judge let him out he came to the house and Granddaddy told him didn’t live there any more. Here’s yer stuff, and heres the address for the salvation army.

He called the wife looking to stay with us. I said not welcome, you stole from your Grandma.

That was a few years ago. We may go to see him this spring. He’s turned his life around. He’s even helping his little brothers straighten out.


JESUS can do amazing things if we give HIM a chance.


KI5IHU general level. Studied for extr but never took the test, don’t think I want to.


I honestly have little desire to go beyond Tech myself. I could probably do General but at this point, I’m only using Echolink on my computer or my little Radioddity GA-510 handheld. Don’t see much point in going for General until I can swing an actual base unit and antenna.


For those curious, the girl made it here safe and sound last night. The kiddo is taking her to a couple of second hand shops today to see if they can find her warmer clothes. We have more snow on the ground this morning to welcome her to the neighborhood. :smiling_imp:

I think I am going to break the news to my mother this afternoon. I’m not looking forward to it.


Be praying for you.

AS for radios, I have a Yaesu FT450G, Yaesu FT 270, TYT 9600A, Radiosity QB 25, and a Heathkit SB200 600 watt linear amp. HF antenna is end fed random wire, 2m, 7c cm is Comet XE330,
Correction Yaesu FTM 7250D, not 270.


Glad she made it there safe. Praying it goes/went well telling mom. I’m praying God prepares her heart to want to help the girl also.


Well. Mom knows. She took it pretty well for her. She doesn’t like the idea but she understands we weren’t going to turn the girl out in the cold either. However, her first response was, “make sure you lock everything up! She might steal you blind!” :face_with_diagonal_mouth: Like we have anything worth stealing, Mom.


I want to come over and listen