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I’m bit of a gun nut, like I said, I am NOT an expert. I currently do not own any guns but will in the near future. Most of the posts I will make will be based off others experiences, as I have only shot guns at a firing range, so I don’t have much personal expertise. So that being said, I’ll be providing a lot of statistics to back up claims made. I also have quite an interesting backstory, so feel free to ask questions about me! If you want to know where I am with gun rights, this will answer your question: “I am the kind of person who thinks that, if you want to own an AR-15 with 100 round Beta-C drum mags, I think you have a right to do just that, if you so desire”






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Welcome @R3TR0
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Out of curiosity, how did you find your way here? Just curious how or where you heard about Full 30,


Tactical Reviews introduced me




Welcome to the forums. Lots of good stuff here. You’ve got an intriguing intro there and I’ll take the bait.

How do you define “gun nut?”

Stats vary by source so be prepared.

Soooo… What’s your back story?


Welcome! What is on your wish list?


I define a gun nut not nessacarily as someone who owns firearms, but has an intrest in them, so I’m not an expert by ANY means.

Also you are right when you say that statistics vary by sources, so I try to use statistics by the same or similar sources.

As for my backstory, you’ll have to PM me for that.


I don’t know yet. The very first firearm I’m aiming for (and yes I know this one is a bit fancy for a first gun) would be a Five-seveN made by Fabrique Nationale (FN Herstal) The reasons why: high capacity (20 rounds in each magazine, comes with 2 spare magazines and one in the chamber, so 61 rounds of 5.7mm ready to be carried) extremely low recoil (about 30% less than a 9mm) and flat trajectory out to 110 yards (100 meters). This makes for a really good gun to practice with due to the low recoil and extreme precision. The only downside I can think of is the cost and scarcity of ammunition.


It looks like you have done your research. I don’t have any experience with that round but if that is what you want and can afford it and find the ammo I say go for it.


You just talked yourself out of the 5.7 right there
It’s cost prohibitive
Training requires ammunition and you need training with said weapon

Welcome aboard new guy


I’m very analytical when it comes to firearms, despite never owning one myself, but yeah, I tend to have an unhealthy obsession with the Five-seveN.


Yep, lol. Maybe when I have more money on the table I could go for it. I’m just intrigued by the whole concept of a pistol shooting rifle-like rounds


I will say a 9mm is very reasonable to practice/train with.