So I made some stuff...


So I’ve been pretty busy this last couple of months. Between work and the Holidays I didn’t get nearly as much done as I wanted. But I did want to show y’all a few of the things I made recently.

This is a doggy jacket I made for my daughter’s dog.

This is a Harry Potter skirt I made for my daughter’s friend for Christmas.

And this is the jumper and cape I made for the great-grand baby for Christmas.

And a baby blanket that I seem to have forgotten to get a picture of.

And I finally finished this!!!

Made it all by myself. My first. Ran into a few snags so it took me too long, but I did it. Thanks to @switchpod for the advice! Can wait to go shoot it. I’ll report back when I’ve shot it.


Like, Like, Like!!!

That’s awesome @EQuinn!!!
It looks good! I can’t wait for the range report!


Great job!! Do I recall correctly that it is 6.5 Grendel?


Yes, it’s a 6.5 Grendel.


The biggest pain in the butt was the CA compliant crap.


Great craftsmanship on the clothing & excellent job on the rifle @EQuinn! I’m very impressed!!


All great stuff,


save the dog, maybe not so happy :yum:


Nice!!! :+1:


Good work.


The variety of skills required is obvious, and you demonstrate a high level of skill for each. I can see why you may have been just a wee bit busy as of late, plus I’m sure there are other facets of your life to squeeze in. Nice job:hugs::::sunglasses:


Range report - first let’s see if I can get a bullet out the right end of this thing…

Yep, so now let’s test some ammunition…

Well that took a while. The ammunition didn’t feed at all at first. I had to pull the charge handle on every shot. After a couple of magazines it started to feed intermittently. Then after several it was feeding everything. I guess it needed a little break-in period? I was worried because I changed only the buffer but not the spring.

So here are the targets. I’d say not bad with a red dot at 50 yds. The dot nearly completely covered the orange part of the target.

Overall, I’m very pleased. I think I’ll keep it. What do y’all think?


Great job: :+1:


Fantastic, really happy for you, great job!


That is awesome EQuinn! I still remember that day everyone started talking about 6.5 Grendel builds! Congratulations your rifle is a beauty!


AWESOME! Love that rifle! Great shooting by our beautiful Mighty Woman!!!


Great job! I agree with @LonewolfMcQuade. You ARE the mighty woman!
Ok. What’s next?


Good question! I’ve got a medi-trauma course next weekend. That’ll open up a whole other set of projects I’m sure.






Right?! I knew as soon as I shot it, it was gonna suck. And it did!