So this happened


So blame this unfinished story on the California Handgun Roster.
My daughter in Oregon bought a Walther PPQ M2 as a gift for me. I’d mentioned that I wanted one but it’s not on the Ca roster so I can’t buy it. (But of course that not an infringement of any known constitutional rights.)
However inter-family, inta-state transfers are allowed in a parent/child or grandparent/grandchild relationship (in either direction) but must go through a FFL on the California side. And such transfers need not be “on roster” guns. Nice.
So I find the FFL here that will accept a direct shipment from my daughter (some will only accept shipments from a FFL in the ship from state, but that’s not a legal requirement.)
She removes the 15 rnd mags cuz those evil things are verboten here and ships the package via FedEx to the Ca FFL. Drops it off at a FedEx counter in a Walgreens in Oregon and it’s scanned as “Dropped Off”. Shipping date say “Pending”. Supposed to arrive today but still says “Pending.”
So I call FedEx who have started an investigation. Looks like it never got picked up from Walgreens, though other packages did. So I’m wondering if it was stolen before it shipped. The investigation is ongoing.

But all this happens because I can’t buy a perfectly safe gun in Ca. There could possibly be a handgun in a bad guys pocket because the good guy here can’t buy it directly. This shit has to stop.
I’ll update as I learn more.



That is absolutely ridiculous and you’re right about the law as it is. I would be furious. I hope it gets resolved quickly.


mquinn55, ThisOldGun:

I agree with ThisOldGun - absolutely ridiculous!

So sorry you are having such troubles. Hope it gets resolved ASAP (and in a positive way for you).


So… update…
This boils down to “you can’t fix stupid.”
The guy at the photo counter in the Walgrees (not dissing anyone here but… Stay in School) also has the responsibility to take incoming packages and place them in a pile for “Pickup by FedEx.” Seems easy enough, but what if there were two piles? Like one named “Pickup by Customer.” So 50/50 chance, right? But maybe two brain cells shaking hands could improve those odds. Alas, no.
While waiting for FedEx to “investigate” I called the Walgreens in Oregon. Problem solved. For now. I won’t rest till it’s in my hand.
Murphy is alive and well and he makes the laws. With of course the help of the goofballs in the Ca legislature.



So glad to hear you are getting it resolved in a positive way.

Hope that problem never happens to you again.


California is rediculous. You should cut your losses (not many ill bet) and bail to a common sense friendly state… before California becomes its own country and you are stuck for good! :wink:


That hasn’t been of much help.
So I’m going to start voting for my dog.
I know it’s stupid, so there will be less surprise with the results.


We’re going to Az soon enough. Until then I just hate running from a fight.


Voting here may not help in the long run. But cynicism loses every time.



(Yadda, yadda yadda to hit 20)


Remember this from almost a month ago? Got to pick up my off roster PPQ today. Thank you California (sarcasm alert!)


How the hell did we go from the wild wild west to the progressive west coast? I need another drink…