So, what do I buy?


I’m still on the fence on what to get with a portion of the refi monies.

Here are the options. Poll closes in 24~48 hours.

  • FN PS90 and a couple spare 50 and 30 rd mags + left over money for other stuff
  • VEPR 6.5 Grendel 16’5” barrel + Auto-Ordenance 1911 GI model + extra mags
  • VEPR 6.5 Grendel 16.5” + VEPR 12ga + extra mags

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Buy ammo, range time, and training.


all depends on what your user outcome is - hunting or everything else.


That already happens and will continue to. These are a reward for hard work. Wife’s getting to splurge on stuff too. :cowboy_hat_face:

Well I don’t hunt so it’ll be 60/40 self/home defense for two and four legged creatures and range fun.


There’s a few question of ask first
How much are magazines and are they abundant or scarce
Do you own ammo in these calibers already hay purpose does each one fill

Just my .02


Now you and I both know you’re not going to make this decision based on a poll. You’ve had plenty of input from those in the know" so it’s time to just make your own decision.
It’s you that will enjoy or regret it (not likely the latter with any of these choices) not us.

Just go do it and we’ll all tell you you screwed up. (Kidding of course.)


I think some of you are taking this too serious and looking at it from a SHTF perspective. I already have my functional tools. This is the ancillary fun stuff that could serve a purpose. Don’t take it so serious. Let’s have some fun with this. :cowboy_hat_face:

Life’s too short to not have some fun.


I apologize I don’t always realize that I come of that way
I do sometimes though that’s just the way I approach almost anything it’s honestly just because I’ve been making firearm purchases that way for a long time


No worries, wasn’t specifically directed at you. :cowboy_hat_face:

I like practical but also the fun stuff. Why else would I have two Mosins? Who the hell needs two Mosins (still not enough for me, want more)? :smiley: Collectors and hobbyists that’s who. Firearms are both life and liberty gear but also my hobby. I got out of classic cars and video games to get in to shooting and such. While these would see mostly range duty they all do have a practical purpose and could just as easily be a life / family saver.

You’re right. I have this problem of not being able to decide–it sucks and I hate it. I was hoping to see what others would do if they had those choices to find out if anything sticks out but it appears that this topic is really useless as you are likely correct. It does appear most prefer the PS90 in the poll which is interesting. I really wasn’t expecting that to be the front runner.

Getting down to brass tacks I guess for me it comes down to, a) do I want to make the investment for one or both VEPRs knowing they may be quite valuable down the road (esp the 12ga, no one will want the 6.5 :wink:)? Or b) do I choose the PS90 knowing it’ll get used more and prove to be a more effective self / home defense weapon but will likely be worth less down the road if I wanted to sell/trade it. The 1911 is just an add-on, don’t need it–that is purely 100% a want item plain and simple as I would never EDC it. I’d rather carry my Star BM (duh) or even the Makarov.

It is funny, I am NOT this wishy washy in real life. In fact I help OTHERS make decisions, I only get this way with money to burn. Pure and simple. Now if you’ll excuse me I need to stare at the computer screen some more and figure this shit out as I’m likely going to buy what I’m going to buy tomorrow. I just hope I don’t watch any more of MAC, Sootch or IV8888’s videos and find something else I want. I did that last night…damn PPS-43C. :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:


me it would be the FN - you can pick up the VEPR any time


I think the problem here is referred to paralysis by choice: to many good options to choose just one. The only true solution is to buy them all!


I would not get a Grendel with that short of a barrel…it needs 22 at least to really reach it’s capabilities…


Since, like most of us, you already have plenty of stuff, spend your dough on experiences.
Experiences and the memories will outlast any thing else you can reward yourself with.
If it’s to be with guns, then more and better training would be a good choice.
If you (erroneously) assume you have had enough of that, then a new experience might be the thing.
How about a week learning something completely new?
It doesn’t have to be the same thing for both of you.
Just a thought.


of course, there is the possibility of just saving the money for now and waiting till you have a clear winner later


Trying out a new competition format or going to a class about a new technique is sometimes the most fun I have with firearms.


Ok decision made. Will post up what I have when I get home with them. One will surprise you all.




Here they are.



Ok, I recognize the PS90 - nice choice.

So, what is the handgun?


Nice purchases!!!