So what is the best


pistol - .380
bug out - not the .22


srdiver, Is .45 acp even popular up there in Canada? I always hear about how us Americans are the only ones calling 9mm too small.


we have .45 fan boys too
9mm White Box (50) - C$17
.45ACP White Box (100) C$51
9mm Blazer Brass Box (350) = C$123
.45 ACP Blazer brass Box (200) - C$119
.40 SW Blazer Brass Box (250) - C$123

it’s all down to economics

me it’s 7.62 x 25 @ C$18 for 70


What is the best Bug Out caliber?

Based on what? Preppers in Mom’s basement?

Have you asked those who have successfully “bugged out”?

Hint - It’s the one you have with you at the time.


Ive posted multiple articles from people that have. 9mm and .22 seem popular.


Seems to me that stump killer had the best answer so far the one that you have with you all the time

That being said I’m not like a lot of gun owners in my cirlcle if friends a lot of them have 10-12 diffeent caliber of weapons and lil to no ammo for said calibers

I consolidated years ago and only buy pistols in common calibers that can be found in almost every house in America (7.62x39 is imported yes but I am stocked)
They don’t understand why I do this but to me it’s a plain choice
12 gauge