So when trained anyone famous

I will start this off with someone that I respect a lot for what he has done overall.
Massad Ayoob

  • I was forced to attend a week end training session with this gentleman in the early 80’s, because of a deployment we were going on and the government at the time was worried about lethal force and civilian deaths. And I say forced because, One it was the weekend, Two it was cutting into beer time at the mess, Three I was already a lean green fighting machine and this would be my fourth deployment, and finally what could a US Cop teaches us about using judicious lethal force.
    I remember his opening statement, his resume and why he was doing what he was doing. He was a highly regarded competitive combat shooter who would score 100% on the range, until the one day when he actually had to draw his service revolver and engage a bad guy at close range (four feet) and missed with all six rounds. The bad guy missed too and in the confusion escaped. When I went home at end of it I had a much better understanding and now knew what a US Cop could teach me.
    Take training and practice, don’t just carry…

Ive been contemplating buying some of his books ,sounds like it might be worthwhile.

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Massad Ayoob is one of my gun heroes.

(Along with Jerry Miculek, and a few others.)


Ayoob wrote a white paper on “disparity of force” that should be required reading by anyone who carries over the age of 50.
It’s about 10 pages long and I’ve had to read it several times in an attempt to absorb it all. Extremely valuable info in my situation!


@Number3 (et al)

Here is an interview with Ayoob that talks about disparity of force:


Interesting read. Thanks for sharing the link.