So where do y'all get your mags at?


I use myself


Get the sand and dye them




I don’t think that is the right link.


A lot of mine are sent in for reviews and promotions. Like these from mission first tactical.


I typed in a search for gun mags, they got stuff


Where ever it’s cheaper. So far classic and brownells are my winners for pmags.


Got some real good deals off GBrkr last couple years on 91, 75, 1911, M&P, AK and AR mags
Even an HTF AR-7 one.


Most of mine came courtesy of the United States Army.


Lol sorry guys! Its


They run some awesome specials at times. I got those 10 sand mags for $100 shipping included.


Thanks for the recommendations. Ill have to start checking some of these places out. Usually if im ordering something i use midwayusa. Their customer service is great. I ordered my wet tumbler from them. The little tiny sample pack of cleaner that came with it busted so they sent me a huge bottle of it free lol.


Last order was from Primary arms with free shipping @12.95$


I get most of my ammo and mags from Aim Surplus.
They have great prices and are good people to deal with.
They also have in store only sales regularly.
It helps that they’re local to me too.






Generally speaking I ussualy buy surplus mags for around 7-9 dollars from lumpys or Dixie gunworks these are firearm distributors that you have to be a ffl to order from
Sgammo has good deals on 5 packs of used mags
And sometimes gun shows

40 round Bulgarian mags from lumpys
These were 7 dollars a peice
Most places sell them for 30-35 dollars


Where are you buying them mags?


Those are lancer mags aren’t they ?