So Who Want's The Government to Compost Their Bodies ?

Soylent Green is getting closer and closer to becoming a reality … Sick sick people out there on the LEFT.


Could this really be one way to dispose of all of the "UNDESIRABLES " that the LEFT hates so much ?

No bodily remains to be shown to the world of all of the people who went in but never came out . Just updated death camps of the Nazi’s and Communists in the last century .

No proof … but look at their wonderful lawns and gardens !

THE NEW AND IMPROVED TURF BUILDER !! A greener lawn that even Grandpa would be proud of …



Works for me. I am going to be cremated. Composting is just more energy efficient.

I won’t care much when either happens. :wink:


Just put a bullet in me and stuff me under my worst enemys house. And I do have a list for you to go buy.


I just got a little ass chewing for posting this over at another “patriot” site. She said that it didn’t do anything to further prepping preparedness or some such thing , the point is is that it most certainly does .
You need to think outside of the box on this one , but not in the wacky zone.
Think about it , think like those in power would do .
There were three main problems that the Nazi’s were trying to address when they started doing mass killings of innocent people .

1- The psychological impact on the troops of doing the killing.

2- The disposal of all of the bodies so that no evidence would be easily found at a later date.

3- The psychological impact once again on the troops when the mass graves had to be reopened in order to then later burn the bodies so that there would be very little evidence.

Go look it up for yourselves.

So with our thinking caps on , knowing these historical facts would it not also be a concern to those who are looking at doing something similar ?

We know for a fact that the United Nations has gone on record stating that 90-95 percent of the world’s total population needs to be eliminated so as to secure the needed resources for future generations. Now they have been saying this since the 1970’s , do you really think that they have been joking this whole time about global depopulation ?
Not likely…

So we have a Reason for the Compost Bins , history shows us in their own words , the Global Elite want us dead .

We have a Need for the Compost Bins , the need to have limited contact with the dead bodies and a way to cleanly dispose of them. The bones can just be ground up for Bone Meal and also used as a fertilizer for growing things just like animal bones are ground up today.

The How .
I don’t know , there are many options on the table that would not require the use of troops to do the cold blooded murdering without suffering from
mental issues , thus becoming Combat Ineffective .

So how does this knowledge help you in becoming better prepared ?
Easy , just think about what choices you could make that my Jewish family members that died at Auschwitz could not .

To be forewarned is to be forearmed … that’s how.

And if you can’t see that after reading this then I guess that you have nothing to worry about then. :expressionless:


This doesn’t sound much different than the people who have arranged to be buried next to a tree to feed the tree.
Being buried in the ground is a form of recycling, too.
As long as it’s all voluntary, what’s the harm?
Now, if things go the way of the Nazi’s that’s completely different.


I posted this in the music thread but it fits here too.


This ain’t that site,

Initially I met resistant from those that thought this site should be 100% firearms only

Thats what categories are for, sort your interest, read what suits you, post what you believe should be available for others.

Carry on :infowars:


There are MANY different “Agenda’s” that our government and the U.N. lie about , joke about and like to skirt around .
Like “Prolonged Detention” under Obama , it is still on the books . Why ?
FEMA detention camps long joked about but then admitted to exist to Congressmen during a congressional hearing. Why keep lying after it was already admitted too ?
Why do we have FEMA prison barges , and yet nobody wants to talk about them ? Why have them anyhow ?

Why did the Germans lie about Concentration Camps/ DEATH CAMPS being what they really were and just kept lying about them being Relocation and Work Camps ?

The government only looks out for it’s self , you can see for yourself when you start researching the Continuity of Government and the supporting Executive Orders that strip us all of our Constitutional Rights .
Why would they have those if they violate our governmental foundations ?

Basically there is nothing that we can do about any of this stuff without sounding like Alex Jones , proof or not , because just like with the Nazi’s nobody wants to believe what was really going on.
Just look at how the revisionists have rewrote all of the illegal government overreach during Hurricane Katrina , the disgusting conditions and horrible crimes committed at the Superdome , now drastically watered down or dismissed all together . Why ?

Why , we will never know until it is to late , but that and other things should not stop you from preparing your mind for history to repeat itself, that is really my whole point besides the main topic information. To prepare to fight evil on it’s many fronts , both in body and mind , and never forget that our government really does not care about us, the common people , just those ruling elite and their families staying in power.


Alot of prepping sites are retarded. They circle jerk and attack anybody who dosnt praise their gospel.


They screwed up gas cans! Can they be trusted with anything else?:crazy_face:


Personally I don’t have a problem with this. Many already compost their human waste. To me the thought of that is at first off putting, but in practice it’s nothing but natural.

We (largely) bury our dead already and they decompose. We actually do some goofy things to protect the bodies we bury. But only for our own mental protection. No one likes to think of their mom decomposing in just dirt. So we box them up in waterproof containers so we can trick ourselves into thinking they are forever protected.
My mom was cremated and stuck in a little box. I have no problem remembering who she was.

So I don’t see composting bodies as somehow gross or immoral.


mquinn55 … I was not trying to infer that composting a body would be a bad thing at all if that was one’s wishes . I would not have a problem with that at all on a personal level.

But it’s coming from the government , and they do not have the best of intentions for us regardless of what one any political party might say .
Germany said that Jews and other "undesirables " needed to be “relocated” or die off so that Socialist Germany could prosper , now white straight men are being told that they are the ones holding America back from socialism and prospering and should be relocated elsewhere or die all together .

History repeating it’s self.


Ok. But what I don’t understand is where are you finding the data to suggest this is the government’s doing.

Without a law passed allowing this, were I to try it, I’d likely be arrested for not properly handling a deceased body. I’d like to be tossed in a compost heap in my own back yard. But the “government” disapproves of it.

So it sounds like Washington state will allow the concept, but still not allow you to do it yourself. Hence another new option for funeral homes to provide.

If you have real info that this is being pushed by the government, I’m open to reading it. But pushing something and allowing something are quite different approaches.

But I do see where you’re coming from.


Here ya go mquinn55 … gotta run the beta test first , work out the bugs , gain public acceptance , and then use them on much larger scales. Just connecting the dots as I see them in history.

Washington Becomes First State to Legalize Human Body Composting


The Public Relations in planting the idea. This was in 2015 …

Many Americans find the very idea of composting human bodies repulsive, a contravention of cultural and religious norms. One critic on the Urban Death website commented: “This MUST be a joke. If not, there’s only one word which could possibly describe your activities: SICK.”

Beta testing , getting the public used to the idea in regards to animals and then onto humans , This was in 2018.

“An estimated 5,500 hogs and 4.2 million turkeys and chickens died in North Carolina from the floodwaters of Hurricane Florence.”

"But state agricultural officials have come up with “a progressive and innovative” way to turn the 4.2 million poultry carcasses into something useful: compost.

“Hurricane Florence brought an even bigger disaster than Matthew, with more than twice as many dead poultry. So Reardon said the Department of Agriculture again turned to FEMA for help, requesting up to $20 million to turn the dead birds into compost.”

Now in 2019 … Washington State Legalizes it.

So if you start to connect the dots where does it look like it will take you ?


Abortions and human composting are not something I particularly care for. Both are pretty unethical, imo.


Maybe a compromise could be reached? We could agree to abort adult liberals.