Software Giant Forbids Retailers From Selling Semiautos

The news article above is disappointing for us law abiding shooting sport enthusiasts who buy online. Apparently Salesforce, a San Francisco-based software giant, changed its policy with its retail customers. I don’t know how many online vendors there are that use their software (Brownells? Buds Guns? Midway?), but if they want to continue to use Salesforce’s software, they can no longer sell certain semiautos or mags greater than 10 rounds.

And it seems like just switching software is not an easy and affordable option. Sounds like it could cost a million or two just to switch for big retailers. If a seller/provider is big and powerful enough to dictate its own social and cultural views upon its business customers, I’m wondering if that might raise antitrust issues if switching to a competitor is not an economically viable option. But I’m no antitrust lawyer, so I don’t know. Regardless, I find this new practice very disconcerting.


It’s discrimination!


Has anyone experienced problems?
I have a Sears card that is CITI Bank and have not had any purchased turned back yet.
Seems to me the retailer doesn’t need to put what the purchase was for, and it isn’t the credit companies business anyway.
Just curious…


I think that’s a different problem. The Salesforce issue would require the retailer from removing for sale its prohibited wares so that they wouldn’t even be able to offer them for sale in the first place.


This has a simple answer.
Stop using their software and encourage others that do to stop.
They in no way have a monopoly on the market and their are alternatives.
Hit them in the pocket and see how fast they do a 180.

A question for anyone here.
How many of you used TurboTax to do your taxes this year?
TurboTax is an Intuit company that is Anti-Firearm and has contributed buko money to the Anti-Gun cause.
Or who is a member of AARP?
Know who you are feeding.
And STOP feeding the animal.
Let it starve to death.
And support those that are on your side.


I agree, but one of the articles I read indicated the extremely high cost to retail businesses of having to retrofit their system with new business software. Of course, that cost would eventually be passed on to the consumer, but doing so would inevitably place the business at an economic disadvantage with its competitors.

As an aside, I didn’t know that about turbo tax.


They should all lawyer up and sue the hell out of them.