SOLD - Glock 10mm Model 29 Gen 4


Used Glock 10mm Gen 4 compact pistol for sale. Less than 100 rounds through it. For local Englewood FL customers, a couple of boxes of ammo go with it. Green Tri front site. $400
PM me for more information.


A really nice firearm. We have one.


Wish I was in Florida, that is a good deal!


That is exactly what I thought when @USRS posted this.


Well, that is not a problem! We ship (price includes shipping)! Lol


I’ll take it.


@USRS you gotta make it more clear. I thought it was no shipping on this.


Sorry, you are right. I wasn’t clear on it. I meant that if you were in the area it included the ammo, but if not… and that is what I did wrong. Won’t make that mistake again.

Will be putting more items on the board tomorrow (with free shipping except for the rifle). Just a heads up if anyone is interested:

Marlin .444 Lever rifle blued with Bushnell BDC 4x32 scope. $675 Shipping Extra cost
Ruger Redhawk 5026 in 44 Mag, Stainless, 4" barrel. $600
Springfield XM 45 ACP Mod 2 Bi-Tone with red sight. Lots of extras on this one. Tactical holster, extra magazines, magazine belt holders, etc. $500. Shipping except to gun un-friendly places like CA since this has high capacity magazines.
Sig P250 9mm black convertible with threaded barrel.$400. No shipping to CA, high capacity mags
Kimber Ultra crimson Carry II stainless (with laser sights) and 2 magazines, 45 ACP. $975.

Anyone local gets the ammo with it, if being shipped, no ammo. Shipping free except for the rifle, that is extra cost. High capacity weapons can’t be shipped to the forbidden zones like CA.


Appreciate the input here and the sale
Had a great buyer over in Port Charlotte, he picked it up this morning.


Great seller, perfect condition and highly recommended.


And switchpod cried… just kidding.


:sob: @switchpod I hear that. There’s always next time.