SOLD - WTS Reloading Press (Dillon 550), dies, powder, primers


Local guy to our Englewood, FL store is selling the following items. We are just posting it for your review so you can get first ‘shot’ at it.

Looks like a good deal for someone starting to reload. Please PM me if you are interested, and I’ll send you his email/phone. He is asking $600 for the whole thing and considering the price of a Dillon 550, that is very reasonable. Thanks, Jim

Dillon RL 550C reloading press with accessories (with “No BS warranty” from Dillon)
Dillon strong mount
Dillon Tool holder
4 Dillon tool heads
4 Dillon tool head stands
4 Dillon powder dies
Reloading Dies, RCBS and LEE 45LC; Lyman 44/40; Dillon 9mm; RCBS .38/.357
Laser Cast bullet heads, 2,000 rds. 44/40, 200 gr. RNFP; 500 rds. 45 LC 230 gr. RN; 500 rds. .38 cal. 125 r. FP
Head space case gauges for above calibers
Lyman digital scale
RCBS cleaning station
Lyman 2500 Pro Magnum turbo tumbler
Powder and 3,000 CCI Small Pistol Primers; 2,000 Large Pistol Primers
50 rd. utility boxes (12)
Assorted brass cases (approx. 3,000 assorted calibers)


Is he selling this as a whole, or would he be willing to sell certain parts separately?


Whole thing as a package deal. I asked the same question…





Understand that. Since he is getting out of reloading, he just wants to clear it all out at once instead of a piece at a time. Really good deal on the Dillon… I had my eye on it.


Yeah, I bought the 550 for hubby last year for Christmas - but I had my eye on the tool heads, tool head stand, .357 die and case gauge, and the boxes.


Umm, well, I just want the 550, but nothing else except maybe the tumbler and cases. If you are interested, I would consider approaching him to sell the whole thing, then between the both of us, we could part it out.

If you are interested, email me what you want and how much, and I’ll make up a list on my side. If we can get close to that price, we may be able to make a deal.


Okay, having a bit of computer troubles right so might be a little while.


Elena Quinn


Take your time, I’m in no rush.


Check your pm


Was just notified that he sold everything.


Dang it!