SOLGW lower question


What does “NFAGS” mean? Im not getting one of these but I seen this on their site.

Heres is a pic they put with it.

The rollmark:

The selector switch:


Google “Miller Mattress Shooting”
Don’t have a clue why they’d make an AR lower dedicated to the incident…but I haven’t read the whole story or seen the vid yet.


I dont get why they would make a lower of it


After reading and watching…my thoughts exactly.


there is a point when no accounting for taste takes over.


They build AR15s for quite a few police departments and make high quality stuff. This was “different” and kind of retarded, im just not seeing any point to it. To each his own I guess.


I like SOLGW , I have a soul snatcher lower, several lower parts kits and an upper on a different lower. They make good stuff.


Kind of like how Noveske used to make dust covers with stuff like ‘cockfag’. SOLGW is on par with BCM, Colt, LMT,Daniel Defense etc , this does not change my opinion of them or anything, I was just scratching my head for a sec wondering wtf made them want to do this. SOLGW is probably my favorite AR company.


No, not in this case. I can not accurately articulate how false this is Brother.
This is a little boy sales ploy.
In a stressful situation… yes when you need to keep it together satire can be a useful outlet.
Delusional Grander as a mystical sales attempt of a tragedy is fu*king wrong period.
You once said that you did not respect what Alex Jones said about sandy hook if I remember correctly.
How is this different?
My response is not intended to be didactic, yet to provoke independent thought.
Please understand I wish the best for you and all full30 members.
Firearms are tools IMO not toys to illicit an emotional response.
This particular lower has no business being taken seriously.
Again just my opinion.
Peace be with you Brother.


I agree about that lower being stupid and not to be taken serious. I was talking about the company, they are considered by alot of folks in the buisness to be the next BCM (checkout M4 reviews of them) they have alot of police contracts, meet all the specs, use the right materials, have great QC, and was even co-founded by A Navy SEAL. They are built as hard use weapons, this lower was retarded. Its no different then people painting their rifle pink or to look like a space gun, I dont get it but to each their own.

This was pretty childish and in bad taste, as far as I am concerned.


This right here here might be true but the difference is Alex Jones was being for real and these guys are making a crude joke, not to mention this incident was not the same thing. The matress incident was a fued that escalated both sides wanted violence and those two idiots took it too far. Sandy Hooks was something else entirely.


I can respect that.[quote=“jf89, post:12, topic:6693”]
they are considered by alot of folks in the buisness to be the next BCM
I would not know, and most likely after this will never know what they have to offer. Trust me it will not affect their business if I feel this way.

The same can be said for spikes. I have some spike parts. They are a good. Company. I was once interested in one of there rifles, so I went to a local dealer and took 3 rifles off the wall and checked them out. There was “out of a sample set of three” an extreme amount of looseness between the upper and lower. To the point
That I didn’t even want one any more.[quote=“jf89, post:12, topic:6693”]
this lower was retarded.
I agree with you 100%.

And again I agree with you 100%.
Thank you for replying Brother.


Ok. I see your point no argument, but you could have left it at this instead of erasing it.

Ether way I understand and thank you for your reply.


Spikes has had several QC issues though , their BCGs were pretty shittu for awhile, I personally had issues and I know a cop on another forum who had his rifle go to shit when using it. Spikes is good to go now though. SOLGW did not impress me with this stuff but I wont write them off, I like their options and customer service.


Rightfully so. I understand that you like the company.


I was trying to reword it to sound less assholeish lol I speak my mind and im pretty blunt but I try to show respect to those I respect.


No worries Brother. I understand!


Spikes has dickhead customer service too. They told me they couldnt help me with my BCG issue because they felt I caused it. They have came along ways from what I hear though, every company goes through growing pains.