[solved] How do you clean your cleaning impliments?


hello all,

So I’ve noticed my cleaning brushes are getting pretty dirty. So much so, i’m not sure how much residue they’re taking off the internals anymore. Is there something special you need to do, to clean your cleaning brushes? Or is it just soap and warm water?


I will blast them with carbon destroyer or other solvent.


I clean my brushes with aerosol spray solvent. I soak the bore snakes in hot water and dish soap for about 30-60 minutes, then wash and rinse by hand.


Brake cleaner. It’s cheaper than using any gun specific products for general stuff like that. Plastic brushes, mops, etc. A side note on brake cleaner: don’t get the expensive brand. They use freon as the propellant and if you spray it on metal surfaces, it condensates like crazy. The cheap stuff is actually way better for gun stuff. And it dries quickly. So, if you hose down a bore mop with it, it’s usually back in the game fairly quickly. Brass bore brushes stay pretty clean, but be sure they aren’t worn down. They should be replaced from time to time. Obviously, if they don’t fit the bore, they aren’t doing their job. And, while I’m sharing tips and tricks, needle oilers are a god-send. They save on oil and solvent, as you dont use as much, and they prevent getting the :poop: everywhere. Hope these things are helpful.


Amen brother. I stopped using the $7 gun-specific products after reading the ingredients. Brake cleaners have the same solvents and cost under $2. I would avoid products with chlorinated solvents, though. They are very toxic by inhalation.


It’s my bench i struggle the most to keep clean. Lol.


Good topic!


Give my brushes a blast two or three times during cleaning.


[quote=“DarkCornerGunworks, post:4, topic:9184”]
Brake cleaner. It’s cheaper than using any gun specific products for general stuff like that.[/quote]

Is there a particular type/brand you recommend? I’m not a car guy, I know nothing about that stuff.


Brake kleen is the brand name stuff. Don’t get it. Just the Walmart, Auto-zone, Advance, O’Reilly’s brand. The least expensive stuff. I’ve even gotten it from Dollar General. It all seems to do the trick. And, if all you’re doing is brushes and such, the brand name will do fine. But, if you plan to hose out a particularly dirty slide or receiver, you’ll definitely want the cheap stuff.


Been using nothing but the Walmart brand for years now with good results.


Yeah, I think their brand is “Super Tech,” or something.


I use Hopper’s Elite Bore Gel to clean. Then rinse brushes with water. All the dirt just flushes off since the cleaner is not a CLP type product. Doesnt have any LP in it, so water washes everything off.

Then I lubricate and protect with either Lucas oil or Ballistol.


As for a gun specific solvent, I use Hoppe’s no. 9. Call me old fashioned. I’ve tried everything, at one point, I’m sure. It’s just easiest and not expensive. And that smell…:nose:…Mmmm. Lol. My one BIG rule with gun solvents and oils is nothing aerosol. Especially if it says, “Shake Well.” If it separates in the can, it’ll separate in the gun. Other than that, they’re really all about the same. Except for the name on the bottle and what they cost. If you clean your guns like you should, it’s not gonna be in there that long, anyway. Just my two cents and experience. I’d use the fact I’m a professional gunsmith to lend credit to my opinions. But, I’ve seen and heard some scary :poop: form professional gunsmiths. Lol


I normally drop all my brushes in a bowl with water and simple green and leave them over night. works just fine. if you can do in hot water works better.


Thanks for the responses all! Do I need to clean the brushes of cleaner, after cleaning them with the cleaner?


That was a confusing question until I got what you were asking. No, the brake cleaner will evaporate on it’s own. Much more quickly than water would dry, I might add. Hose them down, and let them sit a minute. They’ll be back in the fight almost immediately.





Whelp, I went shooting today. And i completely forgot to clean my brushes before hand. So my gun is sitting in its case, all dirty.

Here’s my question. I use CLP to clean and oil my rifles. Would brake cleaner still work for me? Or would I need something else?


Am I understanding that you use CLP as both cleaner and lubricant? If so, the brake cleaner will take the place of the cleaner, but not the lubricant. If you use brake cleaner, you WILL have to lubricate with something. Whether it’s CLP or another oil. I keep several different oils in in needle bottles on my bench. RemOil for things I don’t particularly care about the oil staying on (it’s basically just 3in1 oil), Hoppe’s regular oil (I don’t recall the name, but it’s the stuff in the orange bottle), and Hoppe’s weatherguard (mostly for the exterior of firearms that may be subject to the elements. I also keep Hoppe’s no. 9 in a needle oiler. When you make your living on a gun bench, you find anyway you can to mitigate cost. The bottles allow for precision application while preventing me from over using product. I very rarely use a CLP, at all. It usually comes in an aerosol can. I stay away from anything that says “Shake well.” if it separates in the can, IT WILL separate in the gun. Hope this helps.

Oh, and be careful using brake cleaner around wooden stocks. Some wood finishes don’t hold up well to brake cleaner.