[solved] How do you clean your cleaning impliments?


Ok folks, I went to the gun store on Monday. I wanted to checkup on my rifle I dropped off, and ask their opinion on this. As it turns out, CLP is/has a solvent. As a result, I’m able to actually clean my brushes with that as well as my guns.

Thanks for the responses all!



Your forgetting lead…
Get some D-lead detergent otherwise your levels will spike from your bench.

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Do I really need that if I’m shooting once a month? I thought that was for weekly/bi-weekly shooters.

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I feel like a moron! I’ve never heard of d lead detergent.

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@mattig89ch your bench picks up and keeps lead forever. In a year of cleaning it becomes a touch hazard.

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what do you mean by my bench?



Whatever surface you use for cleaning or reloading



Smh I can’t beleive this is even a legitimate thread
Brushes and patches are cheap
Clp is garbage imo (I can hear the but hurt now)

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I’m kinda like you, if the brush or mop gets that nasty, I trash it. I figure you’d spend as much on cleaning solvents than a new brush would cost. Sure don’t clean patches. they get trashed.

First I ever heard of using brake cleaner on guns, I wouldn’t use it. I cleaned some wrenches with it one time and it eat the chrome off some. I wiped em off too. i’d be scared to spray the stuff on any gun. It would for sure eat the finish off stocks.

Also cleaned the valve cover on a Cummins engine with it one time, it eat the aluminum a bit. made it look bad, worse than it was.

I don’t buy all those name brand oils, Mobil 1 has worked for many years even with full auto fire. sometimes in the summer if I know i’m going to put a couple thousand through a gun in a day or two i’ll use grease. but never store one with it for years on collector guns. found that out the hard way too.

grease dried and got hard and gun wouldn’t function, took a while to get it out of moving parts.



I generally use a worn-out 22-caliber brush with cotton patches. On occasion, I will use the appropriate caliber copper brush with solvent. I immediately after rinse with soap and hot water and let dry. Seems to work well so far for the past 25 years



However, this method will drastically change when I hit the Powerball for around a billion dollars. Then, I will have no use for cleaning brushes. I will simply take the gun to the range, shoot a few thousand rounds through it and deposit it in the trash barrel on the way out. #richpeopleproblems



LOL, Oh to be the guy that takes out the trash that day.



I use Walmart brake cleaner on all my AR’s and never had an issue, just soak the shit out of them then a light coat of oil and never a problem, don’t get it on the scope, ask me how I know that. I am puzzled, automotive oil is fine but automotive cleaners are not? Birchwood Casey Gun Scrubber is brake cleaner, just 5 times the price as the walmart brake cleaner.



I guess auto cleaners are fine, I don’t know. never used them. just had stuff happen with it on other stuff. Guess I never got a gun dirty enough to need that strong of a cleaner. but I do clean them after a shoot.