Some better halves


A few of you have your better halves on here with you :kissing_heart::smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

My wife loves to shoot guns with me in a private setting but has only been out to the range once with me and I was just scouting out the USPSA night, not shooting

When we’re not working I’ll be online, mowing or in the garage and she is in her craft room,

Well after many years and many dollars spent she finally did her first craft show this past Saturday,


She makes cards, soap and all the other little things you can imagine, I dropped by to see her in her element, wow, some real smiles, she only sold 85.00 worth but considered it a learning lesson, to see what sold, listened, etc

(Don’t ask how much she came home with)

Our goal is to figure out how to make money and not hate our jobs.


“Patience and perseverance have a magical effect before which difficulties disappear and obstacles vanish.”

  • John Quincy Adams


This is our goal as well. Once our kid gets a few years or so old that’s when we move to Idaho to start a business. Don’t care about getting rich only paying our bills and giving us the ability to work for ourselves moving towards early retirement.


Nope, the wealth is the family and being able to spend time with them. :family_man_woman_girl:


Me and my better half in Victoria British Columbia this year.


Great photo!


where’s the Harley?


I don’t ride anymore health reasons. My son in law is the sales manager at Man o War Harley in Lexington, KY. So I have some apparel.


On the other hand, the older we get the less we have to lose.
I just might get one more bike.
Just have to use more diligence in choosing where and when to ride.


We’re getting married Saturday. :slight_smile: <3






So happy for you guys! Marriage is a great thing!


Congratulations on your upcoming marriage, brianpurkiss.


Beautiful photo, congratulations to both of you!




Me and mine 12 years ago


12 years?

And she’s still with you?


Sorry, beautiful photo of you both :sunglasses:


Lol yeah she is hanging in there.


One of my friends from high school just got married…the mofo took his wife’s last name…he lives in Beaverton so it expected.


My goal too!