Some better halves


(insert jaw dropping speechlessness here)


Hahahaha :rofl:


this is my wife and our boy back in April.


Thats precious :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Nice share, thank you!


Congrats to both of you.


I had a pretty messed up reaction, I asked him why he didnt just go all the way and marry a dude. He married a progressive woman, so she will probably beat him daily.




You hold your own here well @brianpurkiss,
But starting Saturday, you will never win another argument again…:joy::rofl: she’s always right! Lol


@brianpurkiss , are you taking your wife’s last name? I had a high school friend(liberal) take his wife’s last name, blew my mind…Anyways, When I marry my woman she will be lucky to have a first name , Mrs.JF89 will be her name , no more first name…although to be honest I have not ran this idea by her yet though.


We’re changing our name to “AWESOME”

Brian and Meghan AWESOME.


Thats pretty cool, Is it all capitalized like that or were you just emphasizing it?


We wanted it to be capitalized and underlined and italicized - but they wouldn’t accept that. So it’s just capitalized.


Im skeptical of your advice. Im pretty sure you are about to tell us the only way for a happy marriage is to shoot your mother inlaw.





Good luck with that. I guess if we never hear from you again, we’ll know why, lol.


My better half
She loves me and sometimes I don’t know why
She’s currently no happy with me because I want to buy a fn fnc lol


Suddenly ICP comes to mind

look at that scrubby (jus chillin)
wit a hottie on his side


Ahahahhahahaha you can have the Colombian attitude anytime


It’s our anniversary and she says she’s ready to go